Air Conditioning Repair in Cardiff

Air Conditioning Repair in Cardiff

Air conditioning is not a luxury, but a modern means of comfort, creating a pleasant coolness in the room during the hot season. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for owners of these appliances to encounter situations where the unit refuses to work. Masters Home Appliance Service Center without distracting you from your normal life, will repair your air conditioner with the official warranty on parts and labor. All you have to do is contact an Air Conditioning Repair in Cardiff, CA technician and call them at your home.

Frequent air conditioning breakdowns

Wrong air conditioning 

You have just bought it, and already problems have begun. The reason is simple - the room is big, and the capacity of the conditioning is not enough. It works hard, and as a result it breaks.

Incorrectly installed

Did the installers work without a level? There is a good chance that the water will drip onto the floor of your room instead of outside. The installation must be handled as responsibly as the choice. Call a Cardiff Air Conditioning Repair technician and he will fix it.

Unusual operating noises occur 

In this case, it is necessary to switch off the conditioning immediately. Possible causes of noise are bearing damage, frost, impeller breakage, dirty exchanger or its filter, pipe leakage, regulating transformer breakage, parts or unit case not being firmly fixed, or compressor unit reaching the end of its working life. A qualified Air Conditioning Repair in Cardiff, CA technician will be able to locate the cause and rectify it.

A clogged air filter

When the barrier that keeps dust from entering the flat from the outside gets clogged, the air conditioning is more difficult to operate. The mechanism may break down. Call a Cardiff Air Conditioning Repairs technician and he will fix it.

Freon leakage

A small freon leak is inherent in the construction itself. And it is not harmful to your health. But if the unit is not cooling and you can see frost on the tube like a branch in January, then turn it off and call an Air Conditioning Repair in Cardiff, CA technician.

Spontaneous shutdown

Can occur due to the following reasons: overheated compressor, faulty control board, dirty compressor or evaporator filters, failure of the outdoor unit fan.  In this case, a consultation with a Cardiff Air Conditioning Repair specialist is needed.

Unpleasant odors 

Can occur due to mold and an increase in dangerous bacteria, no siphon in the drainage line.

Condensation on the indoor unit

Can also occur due to clogged drainage pipe, dirty indoor unit evaporator filter and installation of the unit at an improper angle.


Modern air conditionings consist of a great number of pipes, hoses and connectors, which rub and stretch with time. They can leak at any time. 

No maintenance - no coolness

If you have a knocking machine, you go to the service center. Treat your air conditioning like your car. If you notice a problem, have it repaired by a specialist. Contact an Air Conditioning Repair in Cardiff, CA technician for a more accurate diagnosis.

Preventing air conditioning breakdowns:

  • Regular cleaning of the filters and drainage systems;
  • Filled with freon, which acts as a refrigerant. The freon leakage rate is about 6-8% per year; 
  • Let's "rest";
  • When your air conditioning is constantly running in summer and during cooler seasons, you should periodically turn it off. This will keep it from overheating;
  • Not the heater in winter. When the temperature is minus five degrees it is possible to switch on heating only with an inverter conditioner - it has a special low-temperature winter set.

Any modern split-system is technologically a difficult device, therefore it would be unwise to undertake repair of air-conditioning without proper knowledge and preparation.

No matter what happens, Home Appliance Service Center technicians will be able to help you with any questions you may have. Our Cardiff Air Conditioning Repair and Service specialists have over 20 years of experience in the field with a quality guarantee!

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