Commercial Appliances Repairs in Julian

Commercial Appliances Repairs in Julian

Today, commercial refrigerators and freezers have become an obligatory attribute not only in the kitchen, but also in hotel rooms and even cars. But despite decades of proven technology and the constant introduction of new solutions, refrigerator and freezer breakdowns are not uncommon. To diagnose problems, you can contact our Home Appliance Service Center. For fast repairs, our company provides quality Commercial Appliances Repair in Julian, CA.

Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer Failures

The main factors that cause malfunctions of commercial freezer and refrigerator are improper operation, lack of preventive maintenance, wear and tear of parts and natural leakage of freon, as well as careless handling of the refrigerator. 

The peculiarity of the equipment is the fact that only some causes of malfunction can be eliminated by yourself. Most failures require depressurization of the freon circuit with the subsequent charging of the unit with the refrigerant, that without special equipment and relevant skills is impossible to perform. So don't waste your time and contact a good specialist who deals with Julian Commercial Appliances Repair.

The unit runs, the compressor turns on, but the temperature in the compartments is much higher than normal. This is most often caused by a faulty temperature sensor or thermostat, or by a broken compressor motor. In addition, a blockage in the capillary part of the commercial refrigeration circuit can cause a decrease in performance. But before you call the service center to fix the problem, check if the door is closed tightly, if the temperature is set correctly, if the family has not loaded a large amount of "warm" food and if the button to switch the unit to defrost mode has not been pressed. In this case, you need a professional Commercial Appliances Repair in Julian, CA.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers show no signs of life

There is voltage in the mains. In such situations, first check the integrity of the power cord and the serviceability of the electric plug. Among the malfunctions that manifest themselves in this way, most often we can distinguish damage to the thermostatic regulation unit, the key auto-defrost and failure of the motor-compressor. In electronically controlled models, the controller may become damaged. Julian Commercial Appliances Repairs can fix the problem without any loss of quality.

The compressor hums continuously and there are no pauses in its operation

Make sure that the chamber doors are tightly closed and that the gasket is firmly seated against the surfaces of the cabinet. Check if the super-freezing or super-cooling function is activated. Usually, breakdowns with these "symptoms" are caused by a broken thermostatic expansion module, a failed electronics module (control controller), a clogged capillary circuit system, as well as a refrigerant leak or problems with the compressor motor.If you contact our company, our Julian Commercial Appliances Repair specialists will fix this problem.

A "snow cover" appears on the internal surfaces

First of all, make sure that the chambers are not overloaded with food and that the door closes tightly. Check for large quantities of unpacked food or uncovered liquids. Failure to defrost for a long period of time may also be the cause of snow plaque. Damage that contributes to "snow plaque" includes a damaged or loose door seal, a clogged capillary circuit area, or a malfunctioning refrigerator compressor. On-site diagnostics will identify the problem, and a Commercial Appliances Repair in Julian, CA technician will fix it.

However, it is not always a good idea to repair a commercial refrigerator and freezer on your own. All malfunctions related to the depressurization of the circuit cannot be repaired without involving the specialists of the service center, because this will require special equipment and skills in refrigeration equipment charging. If you can't fix it yourself and figure out what's causing the breakdown, then it's best to call a Julian Commercial Appliances Repair.

This means that the right solution is to have the unit diagnosed on-site at the customer or in the Home Appliance Service Center by an experienced technician. Our Julian Commercial Appliances Repair and Service technicians can identify the source of the problem and quick fixes. 

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