Commercial Appliances Repairs in Miramar

Commercial Appliances Repairs in Miramar

Commercial freezers are widely used in shopping malls, coffee shops, bars, and warehouses. A freezer that makes noise, sweats, leaks or switches on and off intermittently lets you know that it needs repair or, worse, needs to be replaced. Deciding what to do depends on how old it is and how much it will cost to fix. For troubleshooting, you can contact our Home Appliance Service Center. For fast, quality repairs, our technicians will perform quality Commercial Appliances Repair in Miramar, CA.

Our Company Advantages

Our technicians have over 20 years of experience and can repair most types of commercial freezers.

The type of freezer repairs our technicians work on include door and handle replacement, faulty interior lighting, leaks, faulty thermostats, excessive freezing or frosting of the appliance, and faulty compressors.

Our company provides Miramar Commercial Appliances Repair and can service all types of refrigerators and freezers to ensure they are in good working order.

Why does snow accumulate inside a commercial freezer?

Are you dealing with snow accumulating inside your freezer? When liquid accumulates inside your commercial freezer, it's due to problems with the self-defrost system. Damaged door gaskets are another common problem with commercial freezers because they allow warm air into the freezer, causing the compressor to work harder. Moist air gets inside the freezer, causing water to commercial freeze on the evaporator coils.

Self-defrost commercial freezers are designed to defrost every eight hours as the compressor turns off and the defrost heater turns on to melt the buildup on the coils. The ice melts and drains under the freezer into a container. If one component fails, the evaporator coils can build up too much and no airflow over the coils will cause the water on the coils to freeze.

While most owners can defrost their commercial freezer by turning it off for a day or longer, other freezers will need to replace the defrost thermostat, heater or timer. The experts at Commercial Appliances Repair in Miramar, CA service all types of commercial freezers and refrigerators, so they are familiar with solving a wide variety of common problems.

The main commercial freezer breakdowns

A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse can cause your commercial freezer to lose power. You may also have a problem with the wiring or the control board. Luckily, our experts are great at diagnosing the problem and fixing it efficiently. The only way out here is to call Miramar Commercial Appliances Repairs.

The temperature is too high

A commercial freezer that is overloaded with product or has an evaporator buildup can get too warm. Excessive commercial freezer or refrigerator use (with frequent door opening).

The motor is running all the time

If your built-in freezer motor is running constantly, this indicates a possible refrigerant leak or a leak elsewhere that allows cooled air to escape. This problem is bad for the unit and your energy bill and should be resolved immediately. A technician who specializes in Commercial Appliances Repair in Miramar, CA can determine the cause and repair the problem.

Ice buildup

Ice in the drain pan A clogged drain line or a faulty heater can cause ice to build up in the freezer drain pan. This problem must be repaired by a professional before the freezer stops working completely. Miramar Commercial Appliances Repair will solve this problem in no time.

If you can't fix it yourself and figure out what's causing the problem, you'd better call Commercial Appliances Repair in Miramar, CA.

All malfunctions related to the depressurization of the circuit can not be eliminated without the involvement of specialists from the service center, because this requires special equipment and skills in charging the refrigeration equipment, which means that the decision must be taken quickly, and the unit should be diagnosed on-site at the client by Home Appliance Service Center specialists. Our Miramar Commercial Appliances Repair and Service technicians can identify the source of the problem and quick fixes. 

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