Commercial Appliances Repairs in Poway

Commercial Appliances Repairs in Poway

Commercial air conditioning and climate control systems are modern household equipment whose task is to improve air quality in a room, office, gymnasium or entertainment facility. Due to the complexity of the design and the many elements that make up it, the equipment fails when handled carelessly, incorrectly connected. Professional repair of climatic complexes can be ordered at the specialized center - Home Appliance Service Center. Contact our center and the technicians at Commercial Appliances Repair in Poway, CA will come at your convenience. 

The principle of climate systems is that high-powered fans drive air streams through special filters, cooling the air by evaporation. The device takes the low-quality air and banishes it through several integrated filters. At the output airflow is fresh, clean, and suitable for breathing. 

Such devices are installed in the rooms with high indicators of dustiness and temperature. A technician who specializes in Poway Commercial Appliances Repair can determine the cause and repair the problem.

Maintenance and repair of climatic complexes

  • The most frequent breakdowns are caused by falls, bumps and shocks of the device, voltage spikes in the network. Also puts the technique out of operation the use of tap water: it is fraught with the formation of scale. Further, lime deposits fully prevent the appliance from functioning.
  • The unit breaks down because of the natural wear of parts during long-term operation, incorrect use of climatic equipment, improper adjustment.
  • High-quality repair of commercial climatic complexes is required in case of breakage of the filtration system, control module. Order repair equipment if moisture got inside the body or burned out the power supply board.
  • They turn to masters and with worn pumps that do not pump water. Commercial Appliances Repair in Poway, CA can clean surfaces that meet with water from deposits and scale, replace parts, and check filters for proper operation.


Commercial Appliances Repairs service your commercial air conditioning system.

Everyone knows that cleaning air conditioning and climate systems is simply necessary based on hygienic and sanitary norms. Many people assume that maintenance is limited to the usual filter flushing. And it is correct. But still, this will not be enough. The filter can't hold all the dust particles without letting the smallest particles through to the middle of the outdoor unit. The dust particles flow with the condensate into the condensate drain pan. 

This leads to the development of mold and pathogenic germs. Without periodic maintenance, this dust and germs are released back into the room with the air flow. A Poway Commercial Appliances Repairs technician will have no trouble pinpointing the exact cause of the breakdown and the steps to fix it.


Commercial air conditioner cleaning 

Our company uses certified germ decontamination products. This is not enough to completely clean commercial air conditioners and climate control systems, antibacterial treatment is an add-on to service. Antibacterial treatment kills germs. 

But in some period of time the microbes appear again, and while turning on the split-system there is the unpleasant smell, which confirms the presence of microbes. You should not ignore the regular cleaning and antibacterial treatment of the equipment. Call a Commercial Appliances Repair in Poway, CA technician and he or she will get the job done quickly.

Commercial Appliances service package 

  • Damage Check.
  • Diagnosis of the serviceability.
  • Cleaning the indoor unit with disassembly, if necessary.
  • Antibacterial treatment of the internal block with special agents.
  • Cleaning of the outer block of the split-system.
  • Cleaning of filters of the internal block.
  • Checking and presence of freon by temperature parameters, or gauge in case of malfunction or need.
  • Flushing the drainage systems.

Poway Commercial Appliances Repair to find out what's wrong, tighten things up, and replace any loose parts.

Service intervals for split-systems

  • In commercial offices, stores at least four times a year,
  • Server room, medical institutions, the premises which need to be cooled round the clock all year round, twelve times a year.

If you can't fix it yourself and figure out what's causing the problem, you'd better call Commercial Appliances Repair in Poway, CA.


Home Appliance Service Center services and repairs commercial air conditioning and commercial climate control systems. Our Poway Commercial Appliances Repair and Service technicians have learned the equipment thoroughly for 20 years and know everything there is to know about it. That's why there are no breakdowns for them that they can't fix.

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