Cooktop Repair in Solana Beach

Cooktop Repair in Solana Beach

Gas and electric cooktops do not have complicated technical "stuffing". For a person with a technical background, it is not difficult to understand the principles of its operation. Of course, it is better to entrust the repair of gas and electric cooktops to the Home Appliance Service Center. Our company employs professional specialists. We provide quality Cooktop Repair in Solana Beach, CA. Our company provides warranty and post-warranty repair of your equipment.

Possible causes of gas appliance breakdowns

  • Natural wear and tear on the gas valve.
  • Wear and tear of the gas control system.
  • Clogging of the nozzle with food.
  • Deformation of the cooking table.
  • Wear out of the knob.

In order to eliminate the breakdown, the above-mentioned components of the panel should be Solana Beach Cooktop Repair the defect. 

If there is no defect, the solenoid valve and thermocouple should be replaced by Cooktop Repair in Solana Beach, CA.

The ignition switch does not work (no click, no spark)

This breakdown is not a sentence of the panel, most owners switch to matches.

The cause of occurrence:

  • Lack of line voltage.
  • The spark generation (ignition block) burned out.
  • The contacts of the power buttons are oxidized.

Troubleshooting begins with checking the socket. Plug into the socket a known working household appliance. 

The contacts are visually inspected and cleaned with alcohol, if necessary. If these manipulations didn't help - change the ignition unit. Sounds simple, but it takes the expertise of a Solana Beach Cooktop Repairs technician.

Gas burns weak (burner may not turn on)

In the long-term absence of maintenance of the panel, the burner nozzle is clogged with household waste or food products. This malfunction is corrected by the owner himself, without assistance. The burner is dismantled and flushed with running water. Clean the "bowl" where the nozzle is located with a brush. The hole in the nozzle is cleaned with a wooden object (toothpick, match).

Jammed faucet (doesn't turn).

Dangerous defect that can lead to the loss of the entire appliance. If the faucet is jammed, we advise you to turn off the gas at the lowering to the cooktop and call the emergency service. Caused by increased humidity inside the construction of the panel, lack of maintenance of the faucet. 

Eliminating jammed gas valves should be part of the service repair of the stove, namely: disassembly of the valve, washing and cleaning of rotary parts of dirt and obsolete grease. Application of graphite grease with lapping of the taper plug. If this causes you difficulty, contact a Cooktop Repair in Solana Beach, CA professional.

Major breakdowns of induction cooktops include:

  • The cooktop won't turn on or immediately shuts off. This is not a breakdown, but a feature of the functionality of the technique.
  • The cooktop has a lock on the wrong material or diameter of cookware. When you remove the cookware, the burner turns off automatically.
  • It heats long and weakly. The cookware is incorrectly selected.
  • It switches on by itself. You need to remove metal items from the stove, remove the salt from it. If it does not turn on - the control unit is broken, which is Solana Beach Cooktop Repair or replaced in the service center.
  • The panel does not work. A fuse has blown, the power supply circuit has broken, or parts have burned out.
  • The main breakdowns of induction cooktops occur due to failures in the induction generator circuits.
  • The malfunction is due to improper operation and is among the rare ones. Our company has qualified Cooktop Repair in Solana Beach, CA craftsmen who will fix this malfunction.

If the cooktop induction or gas suddenly began to work incorrectly or even refused to respond to turn on, then you should not immediately make repairs yourself. The correct solution would be to diagnose the unit in the conditions of the Home Appliance Service Center by our expert. The cooktop is a complex household appliance, and unqualified repairs can lead to deterioration of the equipment. Solana Beach Cooktop Repair and Services qualified technicians can solve your problem quickly. 

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