Dryer Repair in Fallbrook

Dryer Repair in Fallbrook

A dryer is an electromechanical drying machine for textiles, clothes, linen, shoes and hats. Today's dryers are mainly of the drum type. The main function of a dryer is to save time and space in the home for drying laundry. But in due course, as well as any techniques a dryer stops working. In such cases, our Home Appliance Service Center will help to resolve this issue. Our experts provide quality Dryer Repair in Fallbrook, CA and perform maintenance on your appliances.

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Causes of dryer breakdowns

  • Natural wear and tear. The motor and pump are subject to metal fatigue, the drive belt loses strength and wears out. This can usually occur after 10 years of service. Our specialist Dryer Repair in Fallbrook, CA technician will replace the drive belt or the pump.
  • Factory defects or faulty installation of parts can occur with unskilled repair or substandard assembly in the budget-priced dryer segment.
  • Errors on the part of the user. Follow the operating instructions and clean the filters regularly.

Malfunctions are caused by typical mistakes on the part of users

  • Overloading the drum. The manufacturer specifies the maximum mass of laundry the machine is capable of drying. If the appliance is overloaded, there is increased wear on the motor and the belt and drum dampers. This also results in poor quality drying.
  • Loading very wet clothes. Place items in the dryer which have previously been hand-washed or machine-washed. Very wet laundry can cause the appliance to overheat.
  • Incorrect maintenance. Drain the condensate tank and check that the filters are clean.

Contact a Fallbrook Dryer Repairs for a more accurate diagnosis.

Common dryer breakdowns

No drying, the drum rotates - the heating element or temperature sensor is broken. Our specialists are trained in Dryer Repair in Fallbrook, CA and can replace the heating element or other electronic components.

The appliance has stopped heating - the heating element is broken.

The laundry is badly dried and has a high residual moisture - check the condition of the lint filters and the condensation collection tank: if they are clean, the sensor that detects the moisture of the laundry is damaged, the fan or the heating element may be defective.

The appliance does not rotate the drum - the drive belt is torn; in which case the motor will be noisy, and damage can be ruled out. For a more accurate diagnosis, contact a Fallbrook Dryer Repair.

Loud noises and vibrations - the drum dampers are worn.

Unauthorized tampering with a dryer or the actions of an unprofessional technician can lead to undesirable consequences for both the machine and the user. Therefore, call in qualified engineers Dryer Repair in Fallbrook, CA who will provide free advice on any appliance-related issues and will advise you on what you need to do to prevent future breakdowns.

Call a technician with the Home Appliance Service Center. We carry out repair of dryer at any time convenient for you and give a guarantee on the made works and the replaced elements. Our masters carry out Fallbrook Dryer Repair and Service have a wide experience and carry out repairs of all makes and models. To contact us you need to fill in the form on our website or call our hotline and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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