Dryer Repair in Lakeside

Dryer Repair in Lakeside

Dryers are reliable machines, but factors such as: voltage fluctuations, improper installation of the unit, damage during shipping, or improper operation cause the equipment to fail prematurely. Our company Home Appliance Service Center repairs dryers quickly, efficiently, and affordably. You don't need to waste your precious time on tedious trips to the repair shop, our Dryer Repair in Lakeside, CA specialists will come to your home themselves.

Before you call a technician, check a few things yourself

  • Whether the unit is connected to electricity;
  • Whether the dryer doors are tightly closed;
  • Whether the timer is set;
  • Check what state the filter is in (on some models there is a blockage when it is clogged);
  • Check if the condensate reservoir is clean (this can also trigger a safety lock);
  • Whether there are no kinks in the ventilation ducts.

If you can't fix it yourself and figure out what's causing the problem, you'd better call Lakeside Dryer Repair.

Dryer breakdowns occur for the following reasons

  • Natural wear and tear. The motor and pump are subject to metal fatigue, the drive belt loses strength, and wears out. Typically, this can occur after 10 years of machine service.
  • Factory defect or improper installation of parts. Can occur with unskilled repair or low-quality assembly in the budget price segment of dryers.
  • Errors on the part of the user. You should follow the operating instructions and clean the filters regularly.

Malfunctions are caused by typical mistakes on the part of users

  • Overloading the drum. The manufacturer specifies the maximum mass of laundry that the machine is capable of drying. If the appliance operates with overloading, there is increased wear and tear on the motor and belt, drum shock absorbers. This also leads to poor quality drying.
  • Loading very wet clothes. Place items in the dryer that have been hand or machine wrung beforehand. Very wet laundry can cause the appliance to overheat.
  • Improper care. Drain water from condensate tank, check filters for cleanliness. After each drying, check the condition of the lint filters and clean them. They are usually located in the loading hatch. They are easy to remove by opening the door. Rinse the lint filters under running water and put them back in after drying them.
  • If you have frequent power fluctuations in your home, installing a voltage regulator can save your dryer and more.

If you see similar malfunctions in your appliances, don't hesitate to order Dryer Repair in Lakeside, CA.

Common dryer breakdowns

When various elements of a dryer machine break down, you may notice signs that allow you to diagnose the malfunction:

Any breakdown in a dryer can be related to a malfunction in the control unit. Only a qualified Lakeside Dryer Repairs technician can diagnose its malfunction and determine what to repair;

No drying of laundry, drum rotates - heating element or temperature sensor is broken;

Loud noises and vibrations during operation - drum shock absorbers are worn out. A certain level of noise during drying is not considered a malfunction. They are created by the heat pump and the motor. Dryer Repair in Lakeside, CA will come and take care of everything;

The display shows an error code. By the code you can determine the breakdown. But first of all, turn off the machine and start again - there may be a system failure. If an error occurs again, contact a Lakeside Dryer Repair technician.

The appliance has stopped heating air - the heating element is broken;

The laundry is badly dried and has too much residual moisture - check the condition of the lint filters and condensate tank: if they are clean, then the sensor that detects the laundry humidity is damaged, fan or heating element may be broken;

The machine does not rotate the drum - the drive belt is torn, in this case, the motor will be noisy. Without a call to the master here can't be done without. Dryer Repair in Lakeside, CA will solve this problem in no time.

Do-it-yourself laundry dryer repairs require certain skills and tools. Contact a qualified technician. Home Appliance Service Center has been specializing in repairing a variety of appliances of varying complexity and brands since 2001. By ordering from Lakeside Dryer Repair and Service and making a house call, you'll get a full service with a quality guarantee on the work done.

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