Dryer Repair in Temecula

Dryer Repair in Temecula

Most new dryers have a huge set of very useful functions that make drying clothes or laundry a lot easier, as well as other manipulations with them. But, despite the advantages of dryers, there is a slight disadvantage of their presence in the house is the possibility of their breakdown. But if the device fails to worry, you do not need to, as our company Home Appliance Repair Center provides high-quality, professional, and urgent repair of dryers at very low cost. If your beloved machine is out of order, don't worry! All you must do is make a call to Dryer Repair in Temecula, CA and voice the signs of trouble. 

Causes of dryer breakdown

Dryer repair may be needed after a few months of use, or after many years. 

The main causes of equipment failure are the following:

  • Improper operation. If the machine is regularly overloaded with clothes, sooner or later it will break. In addition, it is not allowed to put too wet things, as they will dry for too long. This can lead to overheating and subsequent replacement of the heating element. Call a master specializing in Temecula Dryer Repair.
  • Poor maintenance. The dryer needs periodic maintenance. It consists of cleaning the moisture collection container, cleaning the lint filter, and flushing the outlet hose.
  • Natural wear and tear. Over time, parts of the motor, the drain hose or the pump for pumping out moisture can fail.
  • Factory defect. A poorly closing door, a malfunctioning sensor, or the lack of response of any control to commands are defects that the user may discover on the first day of use. In order to avoid such troubles, the technique should be bought from proven manufacturers.

The dryer does not turn on

The main causes of such a breakdown are the following:

  • Thermal fuse. The normal operation of the heating element depends on the sensor that protects the technique from overheating. Current flows through the fuse, which, if the part overheats, stops flowing to the heater. In such situations, the sensors need to be replaced. Dryer Repair in Temecula, CA will perform the replacement sensors
  • Door Interlock. If there is no distinctive clicking sound indicating that the door locks before the drum starts, the problem may be a faulty circuit. The latch should be replaced.

If the dryer does not turn on, you can try to restart the drying program, preliminarily disconnecting the plug from the socket. The cause of the problem could also be a poorly closed door. If nothing helps, and the appliance refuses to work, you need to call a technician Temecula Dryer Repairs.

The dryer doesn't dry your laundry well

Some of the main reasons why the machine doesn't dry your laundry include the following:

  • Faulty heating element. If diagnosis confirms the failure of the heating element, it will need to be replaced. After replacing the part by Dryer Repair in Temecula, CA specialists, the operation of the equipment will be flawless.
  • Failure of the fan of the heating element. The problem is solved by replacing the fan.
  • Tripping of the safety device in case of a defective heating element. Occurs usually due to excessive loading of the washed laundry, as a result of which the dryer overheats, and the thermostat protection of the heating element triggers.

In a situation where the machine does not dry the laundry, you can try resetting it. If nothing has changed, it is necessary to call a master, who will repair the equipment. In the future, in order to avoid such breakdowns, it is necessary to control the number of items loaded into the drum.

The dryer does not turn off

During the operation of the dryer, the user may encounter the fact that the device does not turn off. There may be several reasons for such a malfunction:

  • Failure of the thermostat. Temecula Dryer Repair will make a diagnosis and solve the problem at the owner's place.
  • Failure of the heating element.
  • Clogged vent.
  • Large amounts of lint buildup in the filter.
  • Timer breakdown. Dryer Repair in Temecula, CA will perform a timer replacement.

Our Home Appliance Repair Center specializes in dryer repair for a variety of manufacturers. Diagnostics and repairs are performed by experienced Temecula Dryer Repair and Service technicians who use professional tools in their work. To call a master you need only to make an application on the website or contact us by phone. The master will come to the call as soon as possible and conduct a diagnosis. After determining the cause of the problem, he will offer to repair the faulty part or replace it. 

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