Freezer Repair in Cardiff

Freezer Repair in Cardiff

The freezer is an appliance that operates only at low temperatures. Its main function is to freeze and preserve food for a long time. So what should you do when your freezer fails? There is no time to wait. It's time to contact Home Appliance Service Center and call a technician who specializes in Freezer Repair in Cardiff, CA, who can not only determine the cause, but also perform freezer repair of all brands.

Common freezer breakdowns

Electronic control module failure

When the control module fails, the refrigeration motor will not start at all. In some cases it is possible to reprogram it, but more often than not, it is only possible to replace it. Cardiff Freezer Repair will come and take care of everything.

Damaged freezer thermostat

All freezer models are equipped with a temperature regulator, which is responsible for stopping and starting the electric motor of the compressor. If the thermostat is damaged, the compressor motor does not work properly: it does not freeze at all, freezes too hard, cools too little, does not turn on at all or freezes without stopping. To rectify the problem, call a Freezer Repair in Cardiff, CA technician to replace the thermostat.

Refrigerant (freon) leakage

Freon is a substance that is designed to lower the temperature in the freezer compartment. When someone tries to bounce a layer of ice off the walls of the freezer compartment or pry it off with a sharp object, the tubes feeding the freon get damaged. Its leakage causes untimely wear and tear on the compressor motor, but the cooling process becomes ineffective. In case of this malfunction, the freezer compartment must be switched off, all the food must be unloaded and the freezer must wait for the technician to arrive. A technician specializing in Cardiff Freezer Repairs can determine the cause and repair the breakdown.

The compressor motor does not start

Sudden switching-off of the refrigerator is the most or practically the most difficult breakdown. The main causes are wear and tear on the components, parts, components or incorrect operation of the machine. Other factors are attributable to the fact that the freezers are constantly overloaded and that the appliances are continually operating at breaking point. A specialist Freezer Repair in Cardiff, CA technician can accurately diagnose and repair the breakdown.

Freezer door gasket replacement

This problem occurs in freezers that are opened and closed frequently, causing the rubber seals to wear out quickly. As a result, the rubber profile bursts, cracks and deteriorates, the door doesn't fit tightly and the freezer doesn't close airtight. Cold air escapes when warm air enters, the food is not cooled, temperature protection is not effective, the temperature is not maintained and the compressor motor does not function at all, resulting in premature damage to parts, units, components and devices. A technician who specializes in Cardiff Freezer Repair can determine the cause and repair the problem.

Faulty temperature or air sensors

Electronically controlled freezers are equipped with temperature and air sensors rather than thermostats. For example, adjusting the freezer with such a malfunction would involve rewiring the faulty regulator. Freezer Repair in Cardiff, CA can fix the problem without any loss of quality.

Freezing in the insulation of the chest freezer

A fridge freezing usually occurs because the insulation of the freezer is damaged by condensation. The signs of this malfunction are the appearance of a thick layer of ice and snow on the rear wall of the fridge at a certain point. To eliminate this problem, you must cut out the frozen section of insulation and replace it with a new one.

In addition to the basic faults of the freezers, there are often other things, e.g. heating of the enclosure, a "fur coat" in the compartment, faulty indicators, water build-up, burning plastic smell, etc.

Home Appliance Service Center has specialized in repairing appliances of all degrees of complexity since 2001. Our team of Cardiff Freezer Repair and Service technicians provide cleaning, installation, maintenance, diagnosis and start-up services for a variety of brands of freezers.

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