Freezer Repair in Hillcrest

Freezer Repair in Hillcrest

Due to its specific purpose, the freezer must always be in working order. Otherwise, frozen food and semi-finished products will suffer the fate of disposal. Therefore, freezer repairs need to be performed as soon as a breakdown occurs. Home Appliance Service Center has been specializing in the diagnosis, service and repair of various home appliances since 2001.  The highly skilled technicians at Freezer Repair in Hillcrest, CA will fix problems quickly and in a timely manner with a quality guarantee on the work done.

The subtleties of equipment operation

Repair of freezers is carried out a little bit more often than of the usual refrigerating equipment. It is connected with heavy loads on the equipment. In order to identify and prevent breakdowns faster, it is necessary to perform routine maintenance of equipment - once every six months to a year. A competent technician will be able to identify the signs of future serious breakdowns and perform repairs before the equipment is completely out of order.

The most common breakdowns faced by our craftsmen

Freon leakage

As a rule, such malfunctions occur as a result of mechanical damage. When defrosting the freezer, it is strictly forbidden to unscrew the ice with a fork or other sharp objects. The maximum that can be used is a wooden spatula, and only if absolutely necessary.

The cause of the leakage may also be a factory defect, for example, the cooling circuit is depressurized. Cracks can also occur after prolonged use. 

Before you can pour in new coolant, a Hillcrest Freezer Repair technician will need to restore the unit's airtightness. To do this, he needs to find the damage - even if it is the smallest, because without this, the breakdown will happen again.

The thermostat is broken

Its main function is to control the temperature at a predetermined level. If this part fails, the temperature in the freezer rises greatly or does not freeze at all. You cannot do without the help of a Freezer Repair in Hillcrest, CA specialist.

The control unit is broken

The control unit is sensitive to voltage fluctuations. The slightest surge can destroy the processor.

Or the components can wear out. This occurs with intensive use of the technique and the maximum load of the camera. In very rare cases the control unit can be repaired, in most cases it has to be replaced. Sometimes buying a new part is more profitable and expedient. A Hillcrest Freezer Repairs technician will be able to accurately determine the breakdown.

The compressor is out of order

In this case, the unit either does not start at all, or turns on and off after a few minutes of work. Failure occurs in most cases due to a lack of freon (that is why it is very important to replenish the tank in time). In the absence of proper cooling, the compressor overheats and stops functioning as a result. But the problem can also lie in the wear and tear of the part. Too early breakdown may indicate a factory defect. The compressor cannot be repaired, it can only be replaced. Contact a Freezer Repair in Hillcrest, CA technician for a more accurate diagnosis.

The gaskets on the doors have become less airtight

Over time, the gaskets wear out, thus compromising the air tightness. Cold air masses escape and warm air masses penetrate inside, thus disturbing the temperature regime. The compressor in such conditions begins to work more intensively, which leads to its rapid wear and tear. As soon as you notice that the door is loose, call a technician and you will prolong the life of your appliance. Call a Hillcrest Freezer Repair technician and he will fix it.

Preventive measures to extend service life

  • Defrost the freezer once a year or six months. 
  • Do not leave the doors open too long. This interferes with the temperature regime and leads to rapid wear of the compressor.
  • Carefully check the condition of the seals - as soon as you notice a breakdown, contact a technician immediately.
  • The freezer should never be overloaded with food. Stack all the contents evenly.
  • Buy appliances that are suitable for your needs. For example, domestic options are not suitable for industrial use.

If you can't fix it yourself or figure out what's causing the problem, call Freezer Repair in Hillcrest, CA.

If you notice any changes in the unit's performance, it is best to contact the Home Appliance Service Center. Don't try to repair expensive appliances on your own, it can only make things worse. Our technicians at Hillcrest Freezer Repair and Service will quickly and efficiently diagnose the breakdown and fix it.

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