Freezer Repair in Julian

Freezer Repair in Julian

A freezer plays an important role in human life. Its main function is to ensure that food stays edible for as long as possible, so the freezer is constantly kept at minus temperatures. Even the most advanced unit cannot guarantee that there will be no malfunctions at all. You can contact our company Home Appliance Service Center to diagnose malfunctions. The main breakdown of the freezer is the lack of cold. Therefore, when the freezer does not cool, and puddles of melted ice appear on the floor, you need to act promptly. Our Freezer Repair in Julian, CA specialists will perform quality repairs on your equipment.

The main causes of freezer breakdowns

Wear of the seal on the door

If the freezer is opened and closed too often, doing it carelessly, the polymer seal on the door can be damaged. As a result, the compressor will start working at higher revolutions, and freezing will be much slower. This can cause a rapid breakdown of the compressor unit. Call a Julian Freezer Repair technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace any parts that have failed.

Thermostat malfunction

The thermostat is an electromechanical replacement for the temperature sensors. The thermostat, like the sensors, is mounted inside the freezer. Failure of the thermostat will similarly cause the control unit to start reading incorrect data and adjust the operation of the freezer in accordance with it. 

Control unit malfunction

If the control unit is defective, the freezer will most likely turn on, and this will be the only sign of its failure. In some cases the control unit can be reprogrammed by giving it a new program, but in most cases you have to replace it. We have Freezer Repair in Julian, CA specialists who will replace it, if you contact us.

Breakdown of sensors: temperature or air sensors

These sensors accompany the operation of the freezer while inside. Their malfunction can lead to the fact that the control unit will read incorrect information and adjust the modes of the compressor incorrectly. If you can't fix it yourself and figure out what's causing the problem, you'd better call Julian Freezer Repairs.

The principle of operation of the refrigerator is based on the use of a special gas called freon. The main sign of such a malfunction is poor cooling of the freezer compartment. There may be several reasons for the leakage.

  • The first of them is associated with mechanical damage, when the freezer compartment is defrosted by heating or by chipping ice.
  • The second is associated with the appearance of rust in the steel circuit and, as a consequence, its damage. In order to solve this problem it is necessary to recharge the refrigeration system with freon. However, before this it is important to locate the leak and seal it thoroughly.

Our company has qualified Freezer Repair in Julian, CA technicians who will fix this problem.

Compressor System Failure

Compressor failure is the most common cause, and the most expensive as well, since the compressor is the most expensive part of the freezer. Julian Freezer Repair can fix the problem without any loss of quality.

Incorrectly set mode

Note that the malfunction of the freezer can be not only a lack of power on, but also periodic shutdowns. The freezer works as follows - there is cooling with the help of a compressor and fan through the circulation of freon in the condenser. When the freezer reaches the required temperature mode, the compressor is temporarily switched off. There are situations when the compressor runs continuously. Call a Freezer Repair in Julian, CA technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace any parts that have failed.

Faulty socket and plug

First of all, you should check the integrity of the socket and serviceability of the plug of the freezer. In addition to integrity failure, the cause of failure can be unsoldered wires when they are poorly installed or the installation of defective sockets.

The freezer is very useful and necessary equipment in the household. It should not be forgotten that a freezer is a fairly complex electrical appliance, and unskilled repairs can lead to deterioration of the unit. When you see the first signs of freezer failure, the right solution is to have the unit diagnosed in the Home Appliance Service Center by an experienced technician. Our Julian Freezer Repair and Service technicians can determine the source of the problem and how to fix it. 

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