Freezer Repair in Little Italy

Freezer Repair in Little Italy

The freezer is very easy to use and is used in various conditions: in large supermarkets, small commercial pavilions and in the home. During the operation of the freezer equipment, a breakdown can occur. Failure comes suddenly, giving the owner a lot of trouble in a few hours, during which he must find a specialist to fix them. For troubleshooting, you can contact our company Home Appliance Service Center. Our team of Freezer Repair Little Italy, CA specialists will perform quality repairs on your equipment.

Major malfunctions include:

Having a faulty compressor 

This breakdown is the most expensive, as the cost of compressor repair is calculated based on its price, additional consumables, the cost of repair work, and ruined products. Among the main reasons for a sudden breakdown of the compressor are the improper work of other nodes, the wrong selection of components, power surges, failure to comply with the temperature regime of the room, significant pollution on the heat exchangers of the freezer, and non-observance of operating conditions of cooling equipment. In order to prevent a sudden failure of the equipment, preventive monthly. Our company has specialists in Little Italy Freezer Repair which will replace it, if you contact us.

Contamination on the heat-exchange surface of the condenser 

Insidious malfunction does not appear immediately, but only after some time, is the gradual contamination of the condenser, due to which occurs overheating of the equipment. In summer, during the hot period, the equipment fails, stopping on overheating protection. As a result, the compressor gets jammed, and the owner is left with the only way out - to call a master for its replacement.

The cause of the breakdown is a large accumulation of dust and dirt, which, when it gets on the condenser fins, settles and interferes with the operation. Therefore, repair specialists recommend inspecting the cooling equipment and cleaning the heat-exchange surface of the condenser with a brush. Freezer Repair Little Italy, CA is happy to provide you with a variety of services.

The presence of snow deposits on the evaporator/air cooler

During operation, the chest freezer cools a volume of air confined by thermal insulation material. Being in this volume, the warm air gradually settles on the surface of the evaporator/air cooler with a real snow cover, which prevents normal heat exchange. If you can't fix it yourself and figure out what's causing the problem, you'd better call Little Italy Freezer Repairs.

The presence of a clogged filter dryer

Such a filter is used for the purpose of cleaning the freezing circuit from excessive moisture and dirt. Clogged filter contributes to weakening of the cooling function of the chest, and worsens the circulation of refrigerant in the circuit, as a result of which the compressor overheats. The only way out here is to call Freezer Repair Little Italy, CA.

Plugged capillary line

The clogged capillary circulates coolant in the circuit, then the compressor begins to overheat and jam. In our company there are qualified Little Italy Freezer Repair craftsmen who will eliminate this malfunction.

Insufficient or excessive refrigerant charge

Freezer equipment is designed to function under normal conditions, with a certain level of charge. Lack of coolant in the circuit leads to reduced cooling and subsequently to malfunction. The cause of malfunction is considered leakage in the refrigerant circuit. Excessive freezer charge can lead to poorer cooling, due to liquid refrigerant entering the compressor, leading to destruction of the valve assembly. The Freezer Repair Little Italy, CA wizard will have no trouble figuring out what the cause is.

Condenser fan motor and air cooler failures

A breakdown of this type can result in a lack of heat removal from the compressor or the air cooler of the freezer. Because of this, the compressor overheats and shuts down on overheat protection. The end result is a complete jam and replacement.

The freezer is a very useful and necessary equipment in the household. It should not be forgotten that the freezer is quite a complex electrical installation, and unskilled repair can lead to the deterioration of the unit. At the first signs of freezer failure, the right solution is to diagnose the unit in the conditions of Home Appliance Service Center by an experienced specialist. Our Little Italy Freezer Repair and Service technicians can determine the source of the problem and how to fix it.

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