Freezer Repair in Ramona

Freezer Repair in Ramona

A refrigerator is, nowadays, one of the most demanded things in the house. The rhythm of modern life does not allow every day to go shopping and cooking "at a time". So, we buy for a few days in advance (and if we happen to get a discount on a favorite product, we should take more!), and cook as well. But how to act if you found out that the freezing chamber malfunctioned. You can contact our Home Appliance Repair Center to diagnose the problem. Our experts at Freezer Repair in Ramona, CA will perform quality repairs on your equipment.

A freezer doesn't break down very often, but malfunction is immediately noticeable. All the food that has been lying in it can begin to spoil quickly. To prevent this from happening, it is better to move the food to a working unit as soon as possible and unplug the broken one and call Ramona Freezer Repair.

Freezers break down mostly for the following reasons.

Freon leakage

Freezer repair does not do without it. Freon is a special refrigerant that allows you to lower the temperature in the unit to the necessary indicators. Usually, the cause of the leakage is mechanical damage in the pipes, which must be found and repaired before topping up. 

The damage occurs after careless mechanical action: for example, if you knock the ice from the walls with a sharp object. The main sign of this malfunction is that the motor runs without stopping, but the temperature inside the chamber remains high. It's best to unplug the equipment immediately and call a Freezer Repair in Ramona, CA.

Compressor Failure

This is one of the most serious malfunctions. You can also identify it yourself: the start/stop cycle of the unit is broken. If you notice that the freezer starts and immediately stops, it means that the problem is with the compressor. It should only be replaced by a highly qualified Ramona Freezer Repairs technician, as minor repairs are almost impossible in this case.

In some cases, the motor may start, but at the same time make strange noises. There are several reasons for the malfunction. The first and most common is trivial wear and tear of the mechanism. Another reason is frequent operation at maximum operating modes in hot rooms.

Breakdown in the temperature sensor

Such parts are located directly inside the freezer. Their main function is to fix the temperature and further transfer information to the control unit. When this part fails, the temperature is not maintained at the necessary level, as the motor will turn on very rarely. The freezer may begin to defrost, and the food inside may begin to spoil. Repair involves replacing the failed mechanism. Replacing an individual part won't work Freezer Repair in Ramona, CA, will fix the breakdown in no time.

Thermostat Problems

To control the temperature inside the chamber, special thermostats are installed. If such a breakdown has occurred, the compressor will not work at full capacity. This is due to the fact that the control unit will not receive reliable data about the temperature inside the cabinet. 

Such malfunction usually leads to the unit not cooling fully or not cooling at all, which is even worse. As in most cases, the entire mechanism must be completely replaced to get the chamber working in the right way again. Ramona Freezer Repair specialists will replace the thermostat when you contact us.

Breakdown of the control unit

It is impossible not to notice this malfunction: the compressor will stop turning off. There is no unambiguous answer on how exactly to repair the device. If the control unit is completely out of order, it must be replaced. If there is nothing wrong with it, then simply reprogramming it will suffice. Call a Freezer Repair in Ramona, CA, technician at home to perform a diagnosis and, if necessary, to replace the faulty parts.

Refrigerator repair is a tricky enough issue that only the Home Appliance Repair Center can handle it successfully. We work with all brands. Keep in mind that if a breakdown has already been detected, it is better not to continue operating the equipment - heavy loads can severely damage it and lead to life-threatening situations. It is best to wait for a Ramona Freezer Repair and Service technician to arrive.

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