Freezer Repair in Temecula

Freezer Repair in Temecula

Freezer failure is akin to a global catastrophe, especially when the owners are hoarders, and all the shelves are full of food. The problem should be solved quickly, efficiently, and not too expensive. For this purpose, correct diagnostics is necessary in the first place. To diagnose problems, contact our company Home Appliance Repair Center. Experts Freezer Repair in Temecula, CA will perform quality repair of your equipment. Our company has been operating since 2001. Our team of professional service engineers has more than 20 years of experience.  

The main types of problems that cause your freezer not to freeze

  • If the freezer compressor motor starts for a short while and immediately shuts off, the freezer in the refrigerator probably does not work because of the failure of one of the motor-compressors. Usually, the cause of the failure is the natural wear and tear of the node parts in the process of long-term operation or constant excessive load. 

To resume the operation of the refrigerator, it is necessary to replace the compressor unit. Call a technician Temecula Freezer Repair. 

  • Sometimes in models with electronic control the freezer does not freeze due to failure of the air sensor. In this case, the compressor starts very rarely, and the temperature in the chamber "does not reach" the value set on the control panel. 
  • In the refrigerators equipped with the self-diagnostic system, in such cases the error code appears. If the zero-frost freezer does not freeze for this reason, this sensor can be found behind the back wall of the freezer near the evaporator.
  • The thermostat in refrigerators with electromechanical control has the same problem. To make sure that the malfunction is in the thermostat it is enough to short-circuit the two wires that lead to the node. If the compressor starts immediately, it is necessary to replace the part. 
  • Freezer Repair in Temecula, CA will perform the replacement part. At the same time, it is necessary to be especially careful, and when manipulating wires disconnect the refrigerator from the power network, because on the terminals there is a dangerous voltage.
  • If the freezer does not freeze after defrosting, most likely you have damaged one of the circuits through which the refrigerant circulates and there was a gas leak. To get your refrigerator working again, you need to find and seal the leak and then refill the system with freon. Temecula Freezer Repairs technicians will refill the system with freon.
  • Sometimes in models with Free Frost auto-defrost systems, the freezer freezes food very weakly. The cause of this situation is often a stuck solenoid valve for switching the cold supply. Sometimes the valve jams in such a position that the refrigerator does not freeze, but the freezer works. After replacing the part by Freezer Repair in Temecula, CA specialists, the operation of the freezer and the entire refrigerator is restored. This breakdown is also typical for refrigerators of other models.
  • If you detect rust near the freezer and at the same time the freezing efficiency of the chamber is much lower, most likely there is a leak of refrigerant through the corroded steel element of the circulation system. Predominantly such troubles occur in the models with bottom freezer. In this case, due to clogging of the drainage channel of the "crying" evaporator. 
  • The water gets on the metal elements of the freezer circuit, which becomes the cause of formation of holes due to corrosion. At first, the refrigerator works, but the freezer does not, but after all the gas escapes, the refrigerator turns into a metal cabinet with a light. Temecula Freezer Repair will make a diagnosis and solve the problem at the place of the owner.
  • Another common reason is that the freezer does not freeze and there are no other symptoms. In this case, the control board has probably failed. Similar symptoms can occur in refrigerators of all models with electronic controls. Freezer Repair in Temecula, CA will perform the replacement control board.

A freezer is a very useful and necessary piece of equipment in the household. Keep in mind that a freezer is quite a complex electrical installation, and unskilled repairs can lead to deterioration of the unit. When you see the first signs of freezer breakdown, the right solution is to have the unit diagnosed at Home Appliance Repair Center by an experienced technician. Our Temecula Freezer Repair and Service technicians can determine the source of the problem and how to fix it. 

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