Heating Repair in Julian

Heating Repair in Julian

In any house construction, heat leakage occurs to a large extent through the walls. The quantitative indicator depends on the material and thickness of the structure, the presence of cracks in it. With rising energy prices, the issue of saving energy is becoming more and more important, and therefore, you need to think about heat insulation on the outside of your home. For advice on this issue, you can contact our Home Appliance Service Center company, which employs only the very best craftsmen who perform quality Heating Repair in Julian, CA.

Main types of materials for heating insulation of walls from the outside

Today in the market you can find many materials suitable for heating the walls of the house outside. But the most widespread are only a few types: basalt wool, glass wool, mineral wool and others.

In general, a simple plastering is also able to reduce the thermal conductivity of the wall. But the effectiveness of this method is much lower compared to the heating of a special layer of heating. In addition, plastering work requires a special skill. Julian Heating Repair will solve the problem in no time.

Heating of the walls of a wooden house from the outside can be performed with any of the above materials. To do this, a double frame is mounted, the first level of which is designed for heating, and on the second level the cladding is attached. Between the two layers must be left air gap, at the expense of which provides ventilation to the wall with heating. Our company has qualified craftsmen Heating Repair in Julian, CA to help with the choice of material.

Technology for heating the house walls from the outside with mineral wool

Mineral wool - the most popular material for heating the walls of the house outside, it is used for buildings of different purposes. Mineral wool is represented by one of three types: slag wool, glass wool and stone (or basalt). Each type of material has its own characteristics.

If we talk about residential buildings, the best way to heat the walls of the house from the outside is stone wool. This is the most durable and long-lasting material, in addition, it is safer in contrast to glass wool. Basalt wool has one drawback - it is expensive. Glass wool, made by modern technology - not the same material that was produced a decade ago. This heating is safe for the respiratory tract, suitable for heating the walls of the house both outside and inside. Glass wool can also be used to heat floors.

The material is available as individual boards or in rolls. It weighs little, and it is easy to install. If you need to heat a large surface, it is more convenient to use rolls, while for a limited area, individual boards are better suited. If you need a multi-faceted technician in your business, then call our technicians who specialize in Julian Heating Repairs.

Calculating the thickness of heat insulation

How to determine how thick a layer of heating is required to achieve the optimal level of thermal heating of the house? This question actually requires increased attention, because a mistake of just a couple of centimeters can turn into problems, the correction of which will have to be seriously spent:

  • Calculation of the thickness of the heating is made taking into account the quality of the material and its technical characteristics; 
  • In this case, of particular importance are:
  • Coefficient of resistance to heat transfer;
  • Thermal conductivity.

These indicators characterize the amount of heat that passes through the surface of the material. A Heating Repair in Julian, CA technician will have no trouble pinpointing the exact cause of the breakdown and the steps to fix it.

Sometimes it is necessary to lay heating in several layers. In this case, the overall performance will be the sum of the individual values of each layer. Including it is necessary to take into account what material the walls themselves are made of.

The calculations also involve the climatic characteristics of the region. It is clear that the heating of the walls of the house outside for the northern regions will be different. If you contact our company, our specialists in Julian Heating Repair will help to make calculations on the thickness of heating.

If you can't fix it yourself and figure out what's causing the problem, you'd better call Heating Repair in Julian, CA.

Due to its high physical and performance characteristics, variety of types, affordability of the material for all categories of citizens, exterior heating is widely used in the construction of individual, industrial and civil buildings. Contact Home Appliance Service Center our Julian Heating Repair and Service experts can help with this issue.

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