Hood Repair in Ocean Beach

Hood Repair in Ocean Beach

If you happen to have a kitchen hood that stops working, drafts poorly, makes noise and does not perform its functions, do not delay - it urgently needs to be repaired. The professionals at Home Appliance Service Center are here to help. Our experts have 20 years of experience and are considered the best in the field of repair and maintenance of household appliances. After all, no job is too big or too small for Hood Repair in Ocean Beach, CA.

Let's take a look at the most common types of kitchen hood breakdowns

Lights won't turn on

It is very common to use an exhaust panel to light the kitchen work area. This is really convenient and is a competent approach, since modern appliances have powerful LED lamps or halogen lights. The cause may be the banal blown out bulbs or LEDs. By replacing the burned-out elements of the breakdown will go away. Do not exclude the failure of the socket and you need to check the integrity of the electrical cord. 

Weak pulls 

The second most popular malfunction of the kitchen hood - poorly draws the fan. Do you know what to do in this case? The first thing to check is if the filters and grease trap are dirty. More often than not, these two components are the culprits for the hood not pulling air into the vent. You can't do without an Ocean Beach Hood Repair.

Another possibility is that a vacuum is created in a room with closed windows. As a result, the hood will draw little or no air at all. In this case, the repair consists of opening the vents yourself and ventilating the kitchen naturally.

Another reason that the hood pulls poorly is the lack of draft in the ventilation ducts of the house. In this case, you can check the draft with an ordinary lighter - light a fire and bring it to the ventilation hole in the wall. If the flame does not draw into the vent, you will need to make forced ventilation. If all of the above causes have been ruled out, but the hood is still drafting poorly, contact the experts at Hood Repair in Ocean Beach, CA who will determine the cause and fix it.

Hood not working 

If nothing happens when you turn on the button on the panel - and the fan does not spin, and the light does not turn on. The first thing to check is the electrical cord, the voltage in the outlet, and the circuit breaker in the panelboard. If everything works, the problem may be a burnout and a more unfortunate cause - burnout of the motor. For an accurate diagnosis and quality repair, all you need to do is contact our company and call an Ocean Beach Hood Repairs technician. 

Noisy fan 

If the engine hums, but does not start, most likely the cause of the malfunction in the fuse. In this case, it is necessary to replace the fuse with a new one. The only way out here is to call Hood Repair in Ocean Beach, CA.

The speeds do not switch 

The cause may lie in the control unit, with burned-out contacts. Or in the failure of the starting capacitor, which burned out. The repair consists in replacing the capacitor.

The extractor works in the opposite direction - it does not blow out but blows in the air.  This is a problem in the apartments themselves. In apartment buildings, especially on the upper floors, homeowners are faced with such a problem when the hood does not blow out, but blows in, that is, it works in the opposite direction. What to do in this case? 

The trouble is that the air blows out of the vent not only in the kitchen, but also from the toilet and bathroom. To repair the central ventilation, which does not suck, but blows, you need to create a forced air intake by installing exhaust electric fans. Their cost is relatively small, but the malfunction will be overcome. A technician who specializes in Ocean Beach Hood Repair can determine the cause and repair the problem.

Our craftsmen solve all the problems you may encounter

  • Kitchen hood does not turn on.
  • The light is on, the motor does not rotate.
  • The motor spins slowly.
  • You hear a squealing whistling noise while the hood is running.
  • Motor stops or does not start when lights are switched on.
  • The motor restarts when the lights are switched off.
  • Kitchen hood does not respond to buttons or sensors on the control panel.
  • Control Module Repair.
  • Repair of mechanical control panels 
  • Repair of electronic control panels.
  • Repair of motors.
  • Operating advice and maintenance for hoods.

A Hood Repair in Ocean Beach, CA technician will have no trouble pinpointing the exact cause of the breakdown and the steps to fix it.

Home Appliance Service Center has specialized in professional appliance and commercial appliance repair since 2001. Each of our Ocean Beach Hood Repair and Service technicians regularly undergoes apprenticeship training to improve their skills and experience. By contacting our service center, you are guaranteed quality and prompt repair with a warranty.

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