Ice Maker Repair in Fallbrook

Ice Maker Repair in Fallbrook

Ice makers are special machines for producing ice that are widely used in the catering industry. Even the most expensive and seemingly high-quality refrigeration equipment from leading manufacturers can break down. Repairing complex equipment by your own efforts rarely leads to a positive result, so we recommend that you immediately contact the professionals of Home Appliance Service Center. We are staffed with top-notch professionals. We perform quality Ice Maker Repair in Fallbrook, CA. We can also come to your facility, shop, or any other location for ice maker repair.

Ice maker malfunctions 

Drainage hose or drainage pipe clogged

The principle of connection and operation of the drain hose in an ice maker is similar to that of a washing machine, but blockages occur much more frequently. You may notice water and non-freezing cubes inside the chamber. If you see similar malfunctions in your appliances, don't hesitate to order Fallbrook Ice Maker Repair.

Evaporator thermostat

It signals the temperature in the compartment to the module. To perform the check, press the spring of the part from the opposite side.

Solenoid valve

The valve shuts off the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator in order to freeze the liquid. It opens before starting the defrost, allowing hot flow into the evaporator. A current is applied to the defrost coil to check whether it opens or not. A resistance is measured on the defrost coil. . You can contact our company, we have qualified Ice Maker Repair in Fallbrook, CA who will fix this fault.

Nozzle clogging or pump malfunction (no water coming in)

Typical signs of malfunctioning are incorrectly shaped ice or incompletely filled molds. 

Opaque cubes are produced

This occurs when using hard water that contains a lot of lime and calcium. If the water in your area is heavily impure, you must install a water filter. A Fallbrook Ice Maker Repairs technician will have no trouble pinpointing the cause of the failure and the steps to fix it

Faulty thermostat or switch

If the ice maker does not turn on or shuts down after 15 minutes of operation, the hopper thermostat is probably defective. No ice will be produced, or the pressure switch will trip in an emergency mode. The hopper thermostat is used to control the ice production. As soon as the temperature in the chamber reaches a certain point, the unit is disconnected from the mains. A technician who specializes in Ice Maker Repair in Fallbrook, CA can determine the cause and repair the problem.

The evaporator does not freeze

During suction, the pressure is higher than normal. The water valve or solenoid valve may be open. Check and replace elements.

Evaporator is badly frosted

The pressure is probably lower than normal. This is caused by capillary blockage or refrigerant leakage. The blockage must be found and repaired, and the condition of the filter drier must be checked. Eliminate the leak and charge the system with refrigerant.

It takes longer than usual to ice the system

If the cycle lasts longer than half an hour and half of the cubes are not in the correct shape, the radiator is blocked (this applies to air-cooled generators). The radiator needs to be cleaned as a matter of urgency. We have Fallbrook Ice Maker Repair specialists who will carry out the service when you contact us.

Noisy machine operation

When a noise and whistling noise is heard during operation, the condenser micromotor is probably worn out. It should not be lubricated or repaired; it is better to replace it immediately. Call an Ice Maker Repair in Fallbrook, CA technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace any parts that have failed.

If you notice any of the above problems, please contact our Home Appliance Service Center specialists, who will solve them quickly and competently. The technician will arrive on site, inspect the ice maker and identify the exact problem together with its cause, carry out the repair and issue a warranty. You can be sure that after our Fallbrook Ice Maker Repair and Service, your machine will work for a long time without even the tiniest breakdown.

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