Microwave Repair in Cardiff

Microwave Repair in Cardiff

The Japanese company Sharp first mass-produced microwave ovens in 1962. In 55 years, the microwave oven has evolved from an exotic to a common household appliance in the home and office. No other appliance compares to a microwave oven in terms of heating and defrosting speed, and its breakdown causes a lot of inconvenience. Home Appliance Service Center has been specializing in appliance repairs for over 20 years. The technicians at Microwave Repair in Cardiff, CA will delight you with their professionalism and expertise in diagnosis and repair.

A breakdown is a diagnosis, not a verdict

Microwaves have their uses everywhere: in the kitchen, at the grocery store, in the office, in the cafeteria. A compact and ergonomic microwave will heat soup in seconds, defrost meat, make baked goods soft and fluffy. Wonderful! 

In fact, it is an electrical appliance that works according to the laws of physics. In brief, the principle of operation of a microwave oven is as follows: a magnetron generates high-frequency waves which are converted into heat energy. The water molecules in the food are heated to a boil - a cold dish becomes hot and appetizing in seconds.

If you can't fix it yourself and understand what's causing the problem, call Cardiff Microwave Repair.

How a microwave oven is constructed

Standard microwave ovens consist of the following elements:

  • A magnetron - the heart of the appliance;
  • Thermostat: prevents the magnetron from overheating;
  • Fans cool the device;
  • The control unit - the electronic "brain". It controls the pre-set heating power and switches the appliance off after a set time;
  • Tray and fan motors;
  • The coupler - the plastic part responsible for the rotation of the plate.

The magnetron power supply circuit is connected in series. Therefore, if one element burns out, the appliance will not operate. Call a Microwave Repair in Cardiff, CA technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace the failed parts. Cardiff Microwave Repairs

Typical microwave oven problems

The common causes of failure are

  • Natural: wear and tear on the parts.
  • Human error: incorrect operation.
  • "Evil fate": sudden voltage surges in the mains.

Six typical microwave malfunctions

Food is not being heated properly

The first thing to do is to check the set operating mode: whether the appliance has enough power to heat it up. An internal cause of insufficient heating is a faulty magnetron. This fault must be repaired by a Cardiff Microwave Repairs technician.

The oven does not switch on

Standard after a power surge. The fuse probably blew. Other reasons: the start button is 

defective, there is a problem with the transformer or the latch on the door is broken.

Touch-buttons or mechanical push-buttons are not pressed

Contacts are faulty, circuit breakage, electronic circuit board is defective. Only a Microwave Repair in Cardiff, CA technician can determine the cause and rectify it.

The plate has stopped turning

The oven is running but the dish is not spinning. If the drip tray is correctly installed, the likely causes are: defective cooler, drip tray gear wheel, electric motor; contacts are faulty;

The light bulb has blown out (on earlier models). Must be replaced with a new one.You can't do without a Cardiff Microwave Repair.

Cameras inside are sparking

Flashing occurs when the enamel insulating layer is damaged, the door latch is broken, or the mica cover on the magnetron cover is burnt out. The mica cover must be replaced. A Microwave Repair in Cardiff, CA technician can fix the problem without loss of quality

The timer is off but the appliance continues to run

Occurs when the control module is broken or the relay is not working properly.

Minor problems can be solved without professional intervention: replacing a burnt-out light bulb inside the cooking space or a broken plate.

Serious breakdowns, where the appliance has to be disassembled, repaired or the parts replaced, require professional assistance. Do not try to repair it yourself, as this could lead to even bigger problems that can no longer be repaired.

Why choose Home Appliance Service Center

  • The company's craftsmen specialize in servicing different brands of microwave ovens;
  • Original spare parts are available;
  • If we take the device to work, we guarantee a positive result. We confirm our words with a guarantee for the parts installed and the repair performed.

Home Appliance Service Center has been repairing various appliances for over 20 years. Our experienced craftsmen at Cardiff Microwave Repair and Service will provide quality diagnosis and repairs with a home visit.

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