Microwave Repair in Hillcrest

Microwave Repair in Hillcrest

If your microwave doesn't work, don't rush to replace it and throw it in the landfill. A microwave is not a smartphone and its functions do not become obsolete. The principle of its operation remains unchanged for many years. It's better to turn to the repair professionals at Home Appliance Service Center for help. Our Microwave Repair in Hillcrest, CA technicians has been repairing appliances with a warranty on their work for over 20 years. Buying a newer, more modern model microwave will always cost several times more than even the most serious repairs.

What kinds of breakdowns are there?

To better understand the situation, let's find out what breakdowns occur most often.

The microwave does not turn on

First of all, try plugging the microwave into a different socket. The fact is that over time, the contact between the socket and the mains plug deteriorates. This happens because the microwave consumes a very high current when starting the heater. If changing the outlet does not have any effect, you should seek the help of a Hillcrest Microwave Repair technician. It may be necessary to repair the control board or replace parts in the power circuit.

The microwave is not heating

Don't rush to have your microwave repaired. If your microwave has mechanical controls, make sure the power switch knob is set to Microwave and in the "Maximum Power" position. If your microwave is electronically controlled, unplug it for a few minutes and plug it in again. 

Also check the mains voltage

If you could not solve the problem on your own, seek help from a service center. An experienced technician will quickly find and fix the problem. Microwave Repair in Hillcrest, CA will solve this problem in no time.

The microwave hums

Extraneous sound always indicates a problem in the work of the microwave. The source of the noise is most often: the fan motor, the convection motor (if the microwave is equipped with convection), the plate rotation motor and the high-voltage transformer. Without some experience, it can be difficult to correctly locate the source and cause of the noise. It is better to trust a Hillcrest Microwave Repairs technician to solve this problem. 

Microwave smells like burning

If you notice smoke or a burning smell, you should stop using the microwave immediately, and unplug it from the outlet. Check if the grill mode is on. When operating in this mode, the smoke and odor may come from the heating elements that have accumulated fat. If the smell of burning appears when using the microwave mode, it is likely that the high voltage capacitor, magnetron, or power transformer needs to be replaced. A Microwave Repair in Hillcrest, CA technician will come and take care of everything.

Microwave sparks

Sometimes when the microwave is operating, there is a spark inside, in the chamber, on the right side. There is a burnout of the magnetron protective plate and damage to the emitter. This is caused by grease accumulating on the surface of the protective plate. Under the influence of microwaves, the grease heats up, charred, and at one point, a breakdown occurs, and sparks occur. Fixing this problem will require replacing the guard plate and, in some cases, repairing the magnetron. In this case, a professional Hillcrest Microwave Repair should be consulted.

Microwave does not respond to buttons

If the microwave stops responding to controls, the touch panel or control board has probably failed. The touchpad, unlike the buttons, is much easier to maintain. It has a flat surface and is easy enough to wipe with a damp cloth. But if the touch panel fails, it cannot be repaired. It must be replaced with a new one. If the control board fails, then it can be repaired by replacing only the faulty parts. 

Other breakdowns

There are also other malfunctions of the microwave. They are different. But they have something in common - in 99% of cases, any breakdown is repairable. If repaired correctly, your microwave will enjoy years of trouble-free operation. Call a Microwave Repair in Hillcrest, CA technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace the failed parts.

Contact Home Appliance Service Center and our company will bring back the comfort you've grown accustomed to. Our statistics show that 70% of the time, only minor repairs are needed and your microwave is working like new again. But if a Hillcrest Microwave Repair and Service technician finds that your microwave has reached the end of its useful life and repair isn't feasible, we can help you decide on a new microwave. 

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