Microwave Repair in Oceanside

Microwave Repair in Oceanside

Microwaves are in every home and office, and using these devices is very easy. When one "beautiful" day the equipment fails, it causes a lot of inconvenience. Dinner will have to be eaten cold, or the food will have to be heated in the old-fashioned way, in a frying pan. What to do if the microwave is broken? Where to find professional craftsmen? You don't have to puzzle over these questions anymore. The Home Appliance Service Center is much closer than you think and knows what to do when appliances break. Our Microwave Repair in Oceanside, CA technician is already waiting for your call.

Common microwave breakdowns

These appliances come in built-in and freestanding versions. The nature of the malfunction can be purely mechanical, such as the door or handle often breaking or the glass breaking. Other breakdowns can be caused by malfunctions in the electronics: the control module and the sensor system. Problems of this kind are more difficult to fix, you will need the help of a qualified specialist. 

Modern microwaves are often equipped with additional options, such as grill (heating element) and convection (powerful fan). Malfunctions can be related to or even caused by these design elements. For example, a faulty heating element often causes the electronic control unit to burn out. If you are inexperienced in microwave repair, it is better to call an Oceanside Microwave Repair technician at home.

Microwave breakdowns

Microwaves do not heat

There may be several reasons for this. Insufficient voltage in the electrical system or one of the fuses blew. The protection circuit (microswitches on the door) is not closing, the high voltage diode, magnetron or feedthrough capacitor is faulty. A Microwave Repair in Oceanside, CA technician will replace the failed parts and thereby return the oven to operation.

Microwave won't shut off

The relay or timer contacts that supply power to the oven components are most likely at fault. Sometimes the cause is a malfunction in the central control module, in the microwave with electronic control.

Automatic breaker blows out when the microwave is switched on

Most often, the circuit breaker knocks out due to a high voltage capacitor breakdown, a jammed door micro-switch, an internal short in the magnetron, or a short in the protection circuits.

Microwave is electrocuted

The wiring insulation is broken or one of the microwave's components has a breakdown in the enclosure. There is no ground on the grounding pin of the electrical outlet. Oceanside Microwave Repairs will solve this problem in no time.

Buttons have stopped working

Malfunction in the touch panel system: possible sticking or oxidation of contacts. Also, damage to the membrane key tracks is not uncommon.

During the operation the microwave stops rotating the plate

The failure will have several unpleasant consequences: the food begins to burn, crackling will be heard, sparks will appear and so on. The cause of the failure can be as an elementary sticking of the plate, inadequate volume of food, not careful placement of the dish, or slipping of the clutch. 

Or faulty gear reducer pinion, which will have to be replaced with new ones. A Microwave Repair in Oceanside, CA technician will be able to clearly identify the breakdown and fix it. 

Microwave sparks

Sometimes when the microwave is operating, there is a sparking inside, in the chamber, on the right side. The cause is a burned-out safety plate, which must be replaced with a new one. Call an Oceanside Microwave Repair technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace any parts that have failed.

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  • Qualified service. Repair of household appliances are made by experts with extensive experience in the field.
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  • Master arrives at your convenience, even at weekends.
  • In most cases, we bring your appliance back to life in one visit. A specialist on your request determines the possible cause of the malfunction and comes with a set of necessary tools and spare parts.
  • We work only with original spare parts. Our company cooperates with all well-known manufacturers of household appliances. Our repairs meet the quality standards of the manufacturer itself.
  • Consultation of customers on operation and breakdown prevention measures.
  • All types of work and installed spare parts are covered by a 90-day warranty.

A technician who specializes in Microwave Repair in Oceanside, CA can determine the cause and repair the problem.

Home Appliance Service Center has been bringing broken microwaves from a variety of brands back to life for over 20 years. For our Oceanside Microwave Repair and Service technicians, there's no breakdown they can't fix.

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