Microwave Repair in Scripps Ranch

Microwave Repair in Scripps Ranch

Our Home Appliance Service Center provides quality microwave repair for all makes and models with a house call. Experienced Microwave Repair in Scripps Ranch, CA technicians perform comprehensive diagnostics, component replacements on all models of appliances, regardless of the complexity of the malfunction.

Causes of microwave breakdowns.

It is believed that the microwave is a reliable unit, rarely fails. And most often the causes of its failure lie in improper operation and wear and tear of parts. A technician who specializes in Scripps Ranch Microwave Repair can determine the cause and repair the problem.

  • There is a metal object in the working microwave. 
  • This can lead to sincerity, cracking, and occurrence of breakdown on the inner surface of the chamber. 
  • Cookware not suitable for microwave use is used for heating. 
  • Only glass or plastic dishes may be used in the microwave. The lid of the container must be open to avoid the risk of explosion. 
  • A special plastic cover is not used when heating food. 
  • It protects the walls of the chamber and internal elements from contamination by drops of liquid and fat evaporating from the surface of the dish during reheating.

Let's consider the most common malfunctions of the microwave.

Microwaves don't heat. 

This is the most common malfunction with which people turn to the repair service. Signs of failure are as follows: the light inside is on, the plate rotates, the grill works, but the microwave does not heat the food. If your microwave is in use for more than 6-7 years, the cause is usually a failure of the magnetron (microwave emitter). Otherwise, there may be the following reasons why your microwave does not heat: high voltage capacitor failure; transformer; high voltage diode; high voltage fuse. Microwave Repair in Scripps Ranch, CA will come and take care of everything.

Microwave sparks. 

The main causes of arcing: burned protective mica plate inside the chamber; burned rotating plate coupler; use of metal utensils; damage to the enamel coating of the inner walls of the chamber. Without the help of a craftsman, it is impossible to return the microwave to its former state. A Scripps Ranch Microwave Repairs technician will come and take care of everything.

The microwave doesn't turn on. 

If the microwave does not turn on, make sure the appliance is securely plugged into a working outlet. Often, the problem is not with the microwave, but with a faulty electrical outlet. If the current supply is working properly, look for the problem next. The main causes of malfunction are blown fuse, temperature sensor, door micro switch or control board transformer. A Microwave Repair in Scripps Ranch, CA technician can determine and repair such a breakdown.

It won't turn off 

The cause is a broken relay or the processor. These must be replaced with new ones.

Keypad buttons not working. 

Three main causes of keyboard malfunction: breakage of conductive paths of membrane keyboard; loss of contact in the junction of the cable and the connector on the control board; sticking of sensor panel contacts. 

Control panel doesn't light up 

If voltage is present, the cause may be a fault in other elements of the control board. Probably burned out the primary winding of the transformer, which should be replaced with a new one. But more often the cause may be a faulty transformer. Scripps Ranch Microwave Repair can fix the problem without any loss of quality.

The microwave plate does not rotate.

There may be several reasons: breakage of the motor winding, broken gears in the motor gearbox or spinning clutch on the motor shaft, due to wear and tear. Call a Microwave Repair in Scripps Ranch, CA technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace any parts that have failed.

Microwaves don't heat the food evenly.

Uneven flow of microwave radiation in different areas of the food being cooked or the rotating tray motor does not work.

Service is carried out based on a set of works: 

  • Departure of the master to the specified address.
  • Carrying out of malfunction diagnostics.
  • Implementation of repair work.
  • Checking the repaired equipment.
  • Providing guarantees and recommendations on the proper use of household appliances. 
  • In case your microwave oven needs to be repaired in the workshop environment. We will provide you with our microwave oven free of charge for the time of repair. 

Home Appliance Service Center has been bringing broken microwaves of various brands and models back to life for over 20 years. Don't make the same mistake as most, don't do the repair yourself. You should understand that such attempts will likely only make things worse. When you order from Scripps Ranch Microwave Repair and Service, you'll be assured that your appliance will last you for years to come. 

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