Microwave Repair in Temecula

Microwave Repair in Temecula

A microwave is the most indispensable thing in any kitchen. Since they are used frequently, microwave repair is one of the most common services. If your microwave isn't repaired in a timely manner, it can stop working or cause a fire. If the microwave fails for any reason, you shouldn't panic, but contact Home Appliance Repair Center right away. The technicians at Microwave Repair in Temecula, CA will diagnose the problem accurately before making repairs.

Main microwave oven malfunctions

Microwave does not turn on

There may be several reasons why the microwave does not turn on:

  • The power cord is faulty. It may be broken or the contacts of the wire from the control board are loose. The problem can be solved by soldering the contacts, or if the cause is in the cord - replacing it. Call a master. A technician specializing in Temecula Microwave Repair
  • The high voltage fuse has blown. It needs to be replaced. Microwave Repair in Temecula, CA craftsmen will solve this problem quickly and efficiently.
  • Broken door lock micro switch. Requires its replacement or contact restoration.
  • The thermostat doesn't work. Here you need to figure out whether the thermostat is burned out and needs to be replaced, or there are problems in the cooling system of the oven chamber. A knowledgeable Temecula Microwave Repairs technician will be able to figure out the problem.
  • The control board has failed. Frequent causes of this malfunction are voltage spikes. On the board most often fails the step-down transformer, less often breaking various radio elements of the supply circuit.

The platter does not rotate

The platter does not rotate properly or does not rotate at all due to a malfunction of the motor which rotates the pallet. The most common cause of motor failure is water droplets, grease and food particles adhering to the shaft. This causes the shaft to become difficult to rotate, increasing the load on the coil and causing it to burn out. 

If you have difficulty turning, the shaft can be gently cleaned of dirt. If the coil burns out, it needs to be replaced. Another reason could be an electrical circuit malfunction. After replacing the part by Microwave Repair in Temecula, CA specialists operation is restored

Microwave does not heat

  • Fuse blown. Requires its replacement.
  • Magnetron breakdown. Causes of such breakdowns can be voltage fluctuations in the network, a short circuit, a faulty capacitor, as well as wear and tear of the element. Only Temecula Microwave Repair can figure out the cause of the magnetron malfunction.
  • The mains voltage is below normal.

Sparks and crackling in the chamber of the microwave

Such signs indicate that the mica plate has burned out. This is caused by heating food in an open cookware. This causes liquid and fat to evaporate from the surface of the food and settle on the plate. Also, the mica can burn out if any, even a small metal object, is placed in the chamber. Or excessive wetting of the plate during cleaning.

Microwave operation, accompanied by a loud sound

If the microwave is operated at maximum power for a long time, the magnetron may malfunction. Just as there can be a short circuit in one of the windings of the high-voltage transformer, which also leads to an increase in sound. Failure of the fan also manifests itself by intensification of sound and noise.

Touch panel buttons do not work

During operation the contacts on the buttons are disturbed. Requires their restoration, or a complete replacement of the button, or the touch panel. Also, the lack of response to pressing a button may indicate a malfunction of the control unit. Microwave Repair in Temecula, CA will replace the control box.

Microwave chamber light does not turn on

The chamber light comes on when the door is opened and when the microwave is operating. Lack of illumination indicates that the bulb has reached the end of its life and has burned out. It needs to be replaced. Less often, the light bulb does not light because of faulty wiring.

These and many other microwave malfunctions can easily be fixed by a technician at Home Appliance Repair Center. We work with all brands of microwave ovens and will be happy to come to your rescue in any situation. Call a Temecula Microwave Repair and Service technician today using the special form on the website.

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