Oven Repair in Cardiff

Oven Repair in Cardiff

A functioning oven in the kitchen is a feast every day. Easy to use and with its many modes, it makes anyone feel like a chef. However, for all its virtues, an oven is a household appliance that can break down. Don't despair, Home Appliance Service Center knows what to do with your appliance and how to get it back in working order. After all, once you've tried cooking a meal in the oven, you'll want to do it all over again. Our top-notch craftsmen have been providing a full range of Oven Repair in Cardiff, CA since 2001. You can rest assured that your oven is in good hands!

Premature failure of a particular part or component usually results from untimely maintenance and improper use. There are two types of oven: electric and gas ovens, which differ from each other in a number of ways.

Let's take a look at the types of breakdowns in electric ovens

Typical breakdowns of electric ovens:

  • The temperature in the oven is lower than the programmed temperature or the heating is uneven on different sides. This is caused by one or more of the heating elements burning out or by the control unit. The fault can be repaired by an Cardiff Oven Repair technician, either by replacing the worn-out parts or by repairing them;
  • An unusual noise is heard during operation. The fan is most likely defective or a foreign object has fallen between the blades;
  • The door does not close properly due to a damaged rubber seal;
  • The oven does not run the programmer correctly and responds to the keys and knobs repeatedly. This atypical behavior is most often caused by a malfunction in the control unit or a malfunction of the control buttons;
  • The appliance does not switch on at all: The electrical contacts are damaged or there is a problem with the mains supply;
  • An error is indicated on the display. The error code determines the repair.

Typical breakdowns of gas ovens

Failure of the thermocouple 

  • The thermocouple provides the gas supply to the burner and, together with the solenoid valve, forms the gas control system. It is this system which allows the gas oven to ignite and work. If the oven fails to ignite, the thermocouple may be faulty, e.g. dislodged, soiled tip or worn construction. A professional Oven Repair in Cardiff, CA technician will be able to repair the malfunction.
  • Solenoid valve failure

In this case, the oven burner switches off immediately after the button is released. It cannot be adjusted; it must only be replaced. Without a master Cardiff Oven Repairs this breakdown cannot be fixed

  • Thermostat malfunction

The oven thermostat's function is to maintain the set temperature in the oven. If it fails, it can be signaled by food burning out or, on the contrary, by longer cooking times. The thermostat has to be replaced.

  • The oven door fits too tightly

The result is that the flame goes out due to a lack of oxygen.

  • Gas control malfunction

The most dangerous symptom of a faulty gas control system is a strong odor of gas. This indicates a gas leak, which is life-threatening. Such situations can be caused by loose contacts in the gas-control unit. It is essential that a specialist is called in. Call an Oven Repair in Cardiff, CA technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace the failed parts.

  • Abnormal color of gas flame

If the color of the flame is red or orange instead of blue, the burner is not operating correctly. This causes soot deposition, which may lead to health hazards. Do not disregard the help of professionals. There's only one way out - call Cardiff Oven Repair.

  • Gas valve defect

The swivel mechanism of the valves becomes greasy over time and stops turning. The problem can be solved by cleaning the inside of the valve. If the part is worn, it is better to replace it with a new one. A Oven Repair in Cardiff, CA technician can determine and repair such a breakdown.

Doing it yourself could cause even more problems - the appliance could be permanently damaged. Everyone should mind their own business. Home Appliance Service Center are professionals in the field of appliance repair and maintenance. In 98% of cases a broken oven can be repaired rather than spending a large sum to buy a new one. Contact Oven Repair in Cardiff, CA and you'll have the delicious aroma of freshly baked goods in your kitchen again!

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