Oven Repair in Ocean Beach

Oven Repair in Ocean Beach

It's hard to imagine a modern kitchen without an oven. Modern models of these kitchen appliances not only allow you to bake, but also steam or grill food, so various malfunctions can cause a lot of inconvenience. Home Appliance Service Center offers high-quality, expert oven repair. Our licensed Oven Repair in Ocean Beach, CA technicians will fix any breakdown, no matter the model. 

There are two types of ovens: electric and gas. Each has its own distinctive malfunctions. Most often, untimely service and failure to follow the rules of operation of the device lead to the premature failure of individual nodes and parts.

Breakdowns of gas ovens

The most basic and most common malfunctions and breakdowns of gas-fired ovens, in the experience of our specialists may be as follows.

The oven turns on, but as soon as you release the knob, it goes out

This occurs when the solenoid valve malfunctions. To fix the breakage, it must be replaced. If this causes you difficulty, contact an Ocean Beach Oven Repair professional.

The oven does not light up for a long time when you hold down the ignition button for a long time; The reason lies in the failure of the thermocouple. It is this system that ensures the ignition and operation of the gas oven. 

Appearance of gas smell when the oven is working

The most dangerous symptom of a damaged gas-control system is a strong smell of gas. This indicates a gas leak, which is life-threatening. Such situations can be caused by loose contacts of the gas-control device. It is necessary to visually check the integrity of wire sheaths, thermocouple and solenoid valve contacts and be sure to call an Oven Repair in Ocean Beach, CA technician.

The oven's flame is too low or too high, causing food to go soggy or simply turn to charcoal. Failure of the thermostat is characterized by such problems. The function of the oven thermostat is to heat the oven and maintain the set temperature. If it fails, it must be replaced. 

Gas valve defect

The swivel mechanism of the valves over time is covered with grease and stops turning. Usually such a problem is solved by cleaning the internal parts of the valve. If the seating hole is destroyed, it is easier to replace the valves than to repair them.

Mechanical defects of the oven

Repair depends on the cause of the breakage. Contact a Ocean Beach Oven Repairs technician for a more accurate diagnosis.

Electric Oven Failures

The temperature in the oven is lower than the programmed temperature or heating is uneven on different sides. The reason is in the burned-out heating elements, or in the breakage of the control unit. The breakdown will be eliminated by the master on Oven Repair in Ocean Beach, CA, by replacing the worn parts.

Unusual noise is heard during operation

Most likely, the fan is defective or there is a foreign object between the blades.

The rubber seal is damaged

The result is a leaky door and loss of temperature inside the oven.

The oven incorrectly performs the set program, responds repeatedly to the pressing of buttons and turning the regulator. This atypical behavior is most often caused by a malfunction in the control unit or a failure of the control buttons.

Device won't turn on at all. Electrical contacts or mains failure. On-site diagnostics will identify the problem, and an Ocean Beach Oven Repair technician will fix it.

Our specialists provide service and repair of ovens of any complexity

  • Replacement of heating elements, convector;
  • Thermostat replacement;
  • Fan repair;
  • Replacement of the seal on the door;
  • Installation of the new switch;
  • Replacement of the control unit;
  • Restoration of electrical wiring and other types of work.

If you see similar malfunctions in your appliances, don't hesitate to order Oven Repair in Ocean Beach, CA.

Specialists do not recommend trying to fix the problem yourself, without experience, tools and skills in the repair of electrical or gas equipment. Otherwise, such intervention can seriously aggravate the existing problem. And lead to irreversible damage. In addition, the risk of electric shock increases. The most sensible solution to the problem is to trust the professionals at Home Appliance Service Center to repair your ovens. Our licensed Ocean Beach Oven Repair and Service technicians will fix any breakdown quickly and efficiently. All types of work performed are covered by an official warranty.

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