Range Repair in Downtown San Diego

Range Repair in Downtown San Diego

The gas range is a very important part of any house or apartment. The rapid heating used in the combustion of gas gives an advantage over electric ranges. But like any technique, the gas range can break down. Find a master gas range technician by contacting Home Appliance Service Center. Our company employs professional professionals. We do Range Repair in Downtown San Diego, CA. Our company has been in the appliance repair market since 2001.We have experts on staff with over 20 years of experience.

Look at the most common breakdowns

Breakdown of burners, flares

Gas burners suddenly turn off by themselves - most likely the cause is in the solenoid valve, which is responsible for gas supply to the burner. Also pay attention to the temperature sensor (thermocouple). Contact a Downtown San Diego Range Repair technician for a more accurate diagnosis.

Faulty ignition (ignition unit)

Usually, the gas supply in this situation is all right. But if the ignition unit has stopped giving a spark to the candle, it must be replaced. Call a Range Repair in Downtown San Diego, CA technician and he will fix it.

Failure of the feeding regulator. Adjustment knobs

Usually, with prolonged use, gas regulators, which are located behind the knobs, can fail. In this case, external cleaning, lubrication, or replacement can help. Downtown San Diego Range Repairs specialists will solve this problem when you contact us.

Noise during burner operation

The malfunction occurs when the burner is not properly installed after cleaning. The solution is to check the correct installation. If the problem is not eliminated, consider replacing the flame spreader. A Range Repair in Downtown San Diego, CA technician will have no trouble pinpointing the exact cause of the breakdown and the steps to fix it.

Uneven burning of the burners

If one burner has a higher flame than the others, it is necessary to replace the nozzles on this burner. If, on the other hand, the flame is higher on all burners, check the pressure in the gas supply system as a matter of urgency. It is better to call a Downtown San Diego Range Repair technician.

If the flame is weak on the other hand

This is the same as with a high flame! Check the hose for pinching, if the problem is not eliminated, then call a master. Most probably there is a problem with the pressure system.

The burners are smoking

Check nozzles for contamination. This is most likely the only reason. Because the products of cooking in the process of operation "mysteriously" get into all corners of the range causing clogging and therefore interfere with the work of the range. The only way out here is to call Range Repair in Downtown San Diego, CA master.

The gas adjustment valves are difficult to turn

This is mostly caused by grease sticking to the pivoting mechanisms (adjustment knob and plastic rings). Take everything off and wash with soapy water. To a lesser extent occurs due to lack of lubrication inside the faucet. You should disassemble the faulty faucet, clean out the old graphite grease and apply new grease. Do not overdo the amount of grease, or over time the holes of the faucet will be clogged with excess.

The burner does not light, it does not light up immediately, what can it be?

  • A nozzle is clogged.
  • Spark plug is worn out.
  • Dislocation of burner (burner).
  • Malfunction in the gas control system (leaks).

In any case, you should not take the risk of doing any repairs yourself. Gas is primarily a danger. It is better to seek help from Home Appliance Service Center, which will help you with repairs in complete safety. Many of the malfunctions can be fixed by Downtown San Diego Range Repair and Service professionals, but there are also cases where the unit completely fails if customers don't contact in time to fix the problems.

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