Range Repair in Ramona

Range Repair in Ramona

Gas ranges attract consumers by the convenience of use and the cheapness of fuel. However, it should not be forgotten that when using such a device, certain safety rules should be observed. Do not turn on the gas if the gas range is not working properly, otherwise it will lead to dire consequences. When a breakdown is detected, you should contact the Home Appliance Repair Center. The experts at Range Repair in Ramona, CA perform quality repairs in a timely manner.

What are the signs of failure? 

One of the most "ridiculous" breakdowns in which the ignition does not turn on is forgetting to plug the plug into the socket. 

If your range is plugged in, pay attention to the following points:

  • Whether or not the auto ignition occurs when the gas is applied, and the button is started at the same time.
  • You hear a crackling sound, but no spark appears, hence the flame does not ignite.
  • The burner turns off the moment you release the knob.
  • The device may go off when you are not using the igniter.
  • Triggering the ignition knocks out the circuit breaker in the electrical box.
  • The ignition circuit is short-circuited. This one will require the assistance of Ramona Range Repair.

If you also have one of these situations, let's try to figure out what causes breakdowns most often. There are several factors that disrupt the operation of the electric ignition:

  • No spark is forming on the electrodes.
  • There is grease or condensation inside the ignition system.
  • The candle insulation is broken.
  • The transformer responsible for ignition is defective.
  • Contacts oxidized or short-circuited. 

Breakdowns often occur when the range is wet cleaned. They are corrected by cleaning the contacts and drying the candle. When a breakdown occurs, the candle should be replaced by Range Repair in Ramona, CA specialists.

The burner does not ignite immediately

Auto-ignition stove users sometimes encounter this breakdown - the burner ignites slowly or goes out. This occurs due to contamination of the thermocouple - a component that is located next to the burner. 

You can clean the element with sandpaper, which is used in construction work. If cleaning does not help, you may need to replace the piezo element or the entire thermocouple. Our Ramona Range Repairs professionals quickly perform the replacement. 

Only one burner won't light

There are times when one burner won't light, and the others are working fine. Most often this is due to the following reasons:

  • Damage to the wire that goes to the electrode, a malfunction of the device that generates the spark or the entire unit.
  • Clogging of the nozzle. It is very often clogged with food remains. In this case, you can fix the problem by cleaning or replacing the nozzle. Range Repair in Ramona, CA will fix the problem in no time.
  • Breakdown of the gas control element. In this case, the flame appears but goes out when the user releases the button. Breakdown is eliminated by replacing the whole mechanism or its individual elements. Sometimes the gas supply is bad, and the burner does not light up immediately, if the gas tap does not turn properly, and the knob is clogged with carbon deposits, grease, and debris. It should be well cleaned and lubricated.

No electric ignition on several burners

In the service are periodically addressed with the problem, when the ignition does not work on several burners, but they are normally lit with matches. This can occur because of the candle. The malfunction is most often corrected by cleaning it or checking the power cord. If there is damage to the spark plug, it should be replaced. Ramona Range Repair technicians will replace the motor when you contact us.

All burners do not light automatically

Why all burners may not light:

  • The gas supplied has low pressure and the nozzles need to be replaced.
  • Wiring breakdown, which can be solved by replacing or repairing the power supply wires.
  • Breakdown of the unit that makes the ignition, which can only be fixed by replacing this element. Range Repair in Ramona, CA, specialists will diagnose the problem at home.

Many breakdowns can be repaired on your own. However, if you have taken all possible attempts or don't know how to do it right, trust Home Appliance Repair Center to do the job. That way, you'll keep yourself and your loved ones safe from accidents. Ramona Range Repair and Service specialists can quickly identify the source of the problem. To keep your electric stove working smoothly, follow basic operating procedures, keep your range clean, and perform regular preventive maintenance. 

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