Refrigerator Repair in Julian

Refrigerator Repair in Julian

Refrigerator breakdown is one of the most unpleasant problems, because it is the refrigerator that is tied to almost the entire kitchen, and spoiled food can significantly spoil the smell inside the refrigerator, as well as in the kitchen itself. In short, if you have a problem with your refrigerator, you should not waste time - it is better to immediately contact the proven specialists in the Home Appliance Service Center. Our company performs work related to warranty and post warranty repair of refrigeration equipment. The specialists at Refrigerator Repair in Julian, CA.

Main breakdowns of refrigerators

A number of refrigerator breakdowns are diagnosed by increased noise, or not typical noise. Therefore, if your refrigerator makes a lot of noise, you can clearly hear the knocking in the motor, then most likely the breakdown is just around the corner. A properly working refrigerator should run quietly!

You hear a loud knocking noise when your refrigerator starts up

Knocking when the motor starts or shuts off is usually caused by the fact that the various fastener frames, from the condenser mounts to the set screws, have loosened. There are many fasteners inside the refrigerator and only an experienced Julian Refrigerator Repair technician can tell by the sound which specific area is the frame or bolt that needs additional fixation.

Knocks can also be caused by damage to the refrigerator case, improper installation of the refrigerator, as well as the condensation tube, or rather its fastening. When the bolts are tightened and secured - the suspicious knocks go away, and the refrigerator starts to work normally.

The refrigerator does not turn on

If the lights in your house are not turned off, the voltage in the outlet is within normal limits, there may be several reasons.

  • The integrity of the cord may have been compromised, which is not always visible to the naked eye.
  • The two-core wire with relay contacts is broken.
  • The transition from the relay sockets to the relay contacts is broken.
  • The motor winding has failed, in which case you may have knocked out the electric input breaker when you turned on the refrigerator.
  • The starting capacitor has broken down. It is quite easy to replace it quickly and your refrigerator will work again!

A technician who specializes in Refrigerator Repair in Julian, CA can determine the cause and repair the problem.

You hear the refrigerator's motor humming, but it does not turn on

Such symptoms are caused by a broken compressor, or a jammed compressor. Also the humming of the motor can be caused by incorrectly connected contacts of the compressor. If you contact our company, our specialists in Julian Refrigerator Repairs will fix this problem.

The refrigerator motor turns on and then turns off

It is connected with the relay protection system. Such a breakdown happens for a variety of reasons:

  • Compressor failure;
  • Lack of refrigerant;
  • Low line voltage;
  • High mains voltage;
  • Power surges.

Call a Refrigerator Repair in Julian, CA technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace any parts that have failed.

The refrigerator does not cool when the compressor and motor are working properly. The evaporator does not freeze, the compressor does not heat (the compressor is close to the back of the refrigerator, which usually has its "back" to the wall. This part of the refrigerator is either noticeably warm or hot, depending on the model. 

Generally, under normal conditions, this part of the refrigerator is always warm. If it is barely warm, it means you have had the wrong refrigerant charge and there is too much refrigerant. If Freon overcharge is observed, the fridge does not work properly, the pressure in all the internal nodes of the refrigerator increases and if it is not recharged to the norm in time, it can fail completely, having lost all its functionality.  In this case, a professional Julian Refrigerator Repair should be consulted.

Refrigerant leakage has similar symptoms to refrigerant overflow in the system, with the difference that in addition to defrosting the refrigerator, you may find oily spots in puddles under the refrigerator or in the refrigerator itself. The only way out here is to call Refrigerator Repair in Julian, CA.

If your refrigerator suddenly stops cooling or refuses to respond at all when you turn it on, you should call a professional service center. This means that the right solution is to have the unit diagnosed in the conditions of the Home Appliance Service Center. by a specialist in refrigeration equipment. You should not forget that refrigerator repair by unqualified craftsmen can lead to the deterioration of the unit. Julian Refrigerator Repair and Service specialists will be able to quickly identify the source of the problem. 

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