Stove Repair in Fallbrook

Stove Repair in Fallbrook

Home Appliance Service Center has been providing Stove Repair in Fallbrook, CA for over 20 years at a very competitive price. The stove is an appliance that everyone can't imagine their life without! After all, it is very convenient, you can put something to bake and fry at the same time, thereby saving your time, so it is better to contact the professionals for repairs right away.

Why choose this company? 

Fast reaction time

Repair takes place in one trip, as the company has its own spare parts warehouse.

Safe and long working life of repaired equipment

We use only original parts.

Reasonable prices with no loss of quality

Inexpensive service cost which is due to the wholesale price of the components and the close location of the masters.

Good specialists

Our masters have been working in this field for over 20 years, they constantly undergo courses to improve their qualifications.

Reasons of stove failure 

Switching off when heating one or more heating elements or constant operation at maximum power, stove not heating, errors on the display, the reason in most cases is a malfunction in the components of the electronic control module due to overheating, voltage spikes or improper connection! Methods of treatment: Electronic module replacement (the most expensive option, the price of a new module can reach 80% of the cost of an electric stove as a whole). The only way out here is to call Fallbrook Stove Repair.

Stove doesn't turn on (burners and heating elements don't turn on)

  • The cause of this malfunction may be a breach of contact when connecting the stove. It is necessary to check the plug, socket, power cord, wiring cable, RCD of the electric stove in the switchboard.
  • The second reason is a burner or a heater burned. out completely or partially. Burners and heating elements must be replaced.
  • The third reason - the switch (burners, ovens) is defective, so the switch does not turn on. Power switches, most often must be replaced, but in some cases, it is possible to Stove Repair in Fallbrook, CA.

The burner of the induction stove does not heat well

Perhaps insufficient heating is due to the wrong positioning of the cookware, or because the bottom of the cookware is smaller in diameter than the burner and does not fit tightly with it. By selecting the right cookware for your induction hob, you will eliminate this problem. A technician who specializes in Fallbrook Stove Repairs can determine the cause and repair the problem.

During the technical Stove Repair in Fallbrook, CA, the company's specialists perform the following types of work: 

  • checking the compliance of the gas stove installation in the room with regulatory    requirements, availability of free access to the stove;
  • check the reliability of attachment of the table to the stove body, the absence of mechanical damage to the table grid, the serviceability of the stove;
  • check the smoothness and ease of rotation of taps of the stove, the reliability of fixing them in the "closed" and "low flame" (if available) if necessary, disassembly, cleaning from grease and lubrication of the taps;

The LCD display does not work properly

The control unit is responsible for the touch panel operation, if the display malfunctions, the connection cable should be checked and replaced if necessary.

If the touch panel connection to the control unit is OK, the control unit itself needs to be replaced. Call a Fallbrook Stove Repair technician and he will fix it.

The fan runs constantly or does not run at all

This malfunction is most likely related to the control unit; after diagnosis, either the defective fan or the control unit must be replaced. Stove Repair in Fallbrook, CA will solve this problem in no time.

As noted by the masters, many problems can be easily avoided and extend the life of the technique, if you do not forget about the stove services and follow the simple rules in its operation: 

  • In the beginning, do not put the heated surface of the burner utensils cold, only from the fridge; 
  • Do not spill and scatter liquid on its surface - water or oil, as well as loose substances such as sugar or salt; 
  • It is also not recommended to use in cooking and do not put on the stove battered cookware, with uneven bottoms and so on.

So when you need stove repair, we recommend contacting the Home Appliance Service Center! For 20 years we have had only the most experienced, qualified technicians working for us.  If you have a problem, you can contact us by calling us on our website or by leaving a completed form on our website and your problem will be resolved immediately.  We carry out Fallbrook Stove Repair and Service at home, but some particularly severe cases may require transporting the appliance to our repair workshop, which will take several days, depending on the complexity of the work.  

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