Stove Repair in Temecula

Stove Repair in Temecula

Every year household appliances are improved, more and more new functions are added, new models are produced that meet the requirements of modern housewives. However, when improperly used or installed, breakdowns often occur. The human factor plays a major role here, and breakdowns are rarely due to the shelf life of parts. That's why if a stove breaks down, many people go straight to our company Home Appliance Repair Center. We provide quality Stove Repair in Temecula, CA.

Our company has been in business since 2001.Our team of professional service engineers have over 20 years of experience. 

Since your stove is electric, most breakdowns are due to a breakdown in the integrity of the electrical circuit that makes it work. These include:

  • Disconnected contacts.
  • Burning of contacts,
  • Burnout of the burner.
  • Burnout of the oven heating element.
  • Electronic module failure (if any). Call a technician Temecula Stove Repair

What exactly happened in your case? Let's find out. Moreover, according to external manifestations of the malfunction it is often possible to localize the range of damage search to a minimum. The main thing is to unplug the plate before starting any diagnosis as well as any repair work. The faulty burner must be replaced. Stove Repair in Temecula, CA will do the replacement parts.

The stove shuts off a few minutes after being turned on

Let's start with the example given at the beginning - the electric stove turns off just a few minutes after the start of cooking, because the automatic protection is triggered. The most common cause of such a failure is a violation of the integrity of the coil insulation. Check all burners. The faulty burner must be replaced.

Stove won't turn on

Here the cause may be either inside or outside. That is, the outlet and the plug that you plug into the socket may have failed. And often the power cord wears out where it leaves the case. And, of course, you can break the integrity of the contacts inside the electric stove itself. 

As you have already understood, first you need to conduct an external inspection of the power cord and the inside of the plate, first removing the protective panels. Pay particular attention to the connection points of the power cord with the contact block, the wires with the burners and the power switches. Temecula Stove Repairs will replace the electrical cord when you contact our company.

The stove is getting a little hot.

Have you decided to make soup and the water is still not boiling?

If the stove heats up, but is obviously weaker than you expect, there may be several reasons. Firstly, it can be caused by the breakage of one of the coils, and secondly - by the malfunction of the power switch itself, with which you give the command to heat the burner. After replacing the part by Stove Repair in Temecula, CA specialists’ operation was restored.

Stove always heats to the maximum.

The opposite situation may have occurred, where you need to bake something at medium temperature and long heat, and the stove insistently heats to maximum temperature, ruthlessly burning everything, you put in it. If the second or third time you take a pie out of the stove charred around the edges with a raw, hearty core, it's time to worry about the thermostat malfunction. Temecula Stove Repair will diagnose and fix the problem on the stove's premises.

A working thermostat, after reaching the set temperature, opens the contacts of the heat generating equipment, and no further heating occurs.

If the thermostat is malfunctioning, everything is exactly the opposite: the heating continues to the maximum value provided by this model. Sometimes it helps if you remove the thermostat and dry it out. It may have been splattered with grease when you fried the duck, or detergent when you rubbed the stove. Often, a failing thermostat has to be replaced with a new one.

The display lights are on all the time.

That's why the display lights are named so that they inform the user of the state of the unit: "on - off". If the indicator light is constantly on, even when the burner and the stove are off, it is a sign of malfunction. The problem in this case must be found in the power switches that power the indicator lights. Stove Repair in Temecula, CA will do the replacement, display bulbs.

These are the main malfunctions that you may encounter while using your electric stove. If your efforts to fix them have proven to be very small, contact our service. Home Appliance Repair Center can help you deal with any appliance malfunction. The service technicians at Temecula Stove Repair and Service will perform a comprehensive diagnosis, pick up parts, and repair your appliances, including emergency repairs.

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