Washing Machine Repair in Cardiff

Washing Machine Repair in Cardiff

The washing machine has been a joy and a relief for many years. It takes care of all the washing and drying of dirty laundry. And what a waste of time it is when your washing machine breaks down. Our Home Appliance Service Center is a real godsend for you. For over 20 years, the technicians at Washing Machine Repair in Cardiff, CA have been doing their job well, promptly and with a guarantee.

5 main reasons why the washing machine breaks down

Using hard water

Water softener, water filters, and descales are all useful. But over time, limescale overtakes individual parts and consumables.

How do you deal with it? Descale the heating element and other parts in contact with water every 3-4 months.

Power surges

A single electrical surge can damage all your household appliances.

How to deal with it? A surge protector can take the strain. You need a surge protector to power all of your appliances.

Wear and tear over the years

No appliance is forever. Some wear and tear quickly while others last for decades. It all depends on the type of part and, of course, the intensity of use.

How do you tackle it? Call in a workshop specializing in Cardiff Washing Machine Repair.

Mechanical damage

All sorts of things have happened in our experience. Unsuccessful transport, someone leaning against the open door and lots more.

How do you deal with it? Of course, you have to visit a service center. A Washing Machine Repair in Cardiff, CA technician can determine and repair such a breakdown

Foreign objects in the compartments

Sometimes a normal 5 cents will obstruct the washing or the water intake.

How do you deal with this? Check the pockets before washing. And call a technician if loss is unavoidable. Cardiff Washing Machine Repairs will come and take care of everything.

The main symptoms of washing machine malfunctions

Washing only in cold water

The heating element, which is responsible for heating the water, is most likely broken. Alternatively, there may be a problem with the temperature sensor, power supply or other electronics. A specialized Washing Machine Repair in Cardiff, CA technician will replace the heating element or other electronic components.

There is no water coming into the machine

The problem is in the filter or control module. The faulty parts must be diagnosed and replaced.

Puddle of water underneath the machine

There are at least two explanations for this: the inlet hose gaskets are worn or the sunroof seals are worn and must be replaced. There is only one way out here - call Cardiff Washing Machine Repair.

Water drains out before it reaches the correct level

This is most often caused by a broken inlet valve or incorrect connection to the water system. Less common is a software failure. 

The appliance does not switch on

The mains cable, filter, start button, control module or simply a problem with the power supply may be faulty. The latter can be checked by plugging another appliance into the same socket. If it works, the problem with the machine will be solved by a workshop and, if necessary, the worn-out parts will be replaced. Washing Machine Repair in Cardiff, CA will handle this breakdown promptly. 

After a wash, the appliance does not drain

This indicates a faulty pump, drain pump or filter. Sometimes you can simply clear the blockage. Otherwise parts must be replaced.

The drum does not rotate after being switched on

Most likely the reason for this is a faulty motor, worn brushes, drive belt or bearings. Your washing machine technician will help you sort out the problem and replace or repair the parts.

The washer-dryer makes a very loud noise when it is being spun

This is due to a worn bearing or oil seal. The fastening must be checked or the consumables must be replaced.

Excessive vibrations during operation

Possibly oil seals are leaking or the axles of the machine are bent. Or it may be due to the usual overloading of the machine.

Has something similar happened to your machine? Or did you find nothing like it, but the washing still won't start? Don't wait for the appliance to start on its own. Call the Home Appliance Service Center technician as soon as possible. Our technicians at Cardiff Washing Machine Repair and Service have passed through the hands of thousands of machines and have successfully dealt with breakdowns. We offer a warranty on the work and parts installed. Give us a call and your appliance will be back in working order!

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