Washing Machine Repair in Temecula

Washing Machine Repair in Temecula

Among the abundance of various household appliances, one of the most necessary is a washing machine. We use it almost daily, washing everything from underwear to outerwear. But like any appliance, washing machines break down from time to time. In these situations, contact the trusted professionals at Home Appliance Repair Center. The best option for handling complex washing machine repairs is the team of professionals at Washing Machine Repair in Temecula, CA, which repairs both appliances and other appliances.

Our company has been in business since 2001.Our team of professional service engineers have over 20 years of experience.  

Washing Machine Breakdowns

  • The first and most frequent is a breakdown with the water drain pump. Sometimes this filter gets clogged, which can cause the washing machine to malfunction. For example, the water drains very slowly or does not drain to the end, clothes do not spin. If this is your problem, it is time to clean the filter. To do this, remove the bottom panel. On the right side you will see the filter. Before you remove it, put a rag under it to prevent stagnant water from spilling onto the floor. 

Once you remove the filter, clean up the small debris that was most likely the cause of the clog. Put the filter back in, and if it was the cause of the breakdown, the washing machine will work properly again. If you cannot do this, call a specialist in Temecula Washing Machine Repair. 

  • The second possible cause of the breakdown is also associated with the filter, more precisely, with the pump impeller. It is located right behind the filter. There may be foreign objects that obstruct the rotation. To check it, you just need to spin the impeller. Washing Machine Repair in Temecula, CA will do the replacement part.
  • If you've done all the above, but the water still won't drain, the next thing to check is the pipes that connect the tank to the pump. Unscrew the bolts holding the drain assembly and remove the spigot. Next, remove the clamp by draining the water from it. Then clean everything of debris and put it back in place.
  • If you have not managed to eliminate the failure, check whether the impeller of the pump rotates when the washing machine. Set the spin mode, and if the impeller doesn't spin, you need to replace the drain pump. Most other breakdowns require the expertise of Temecula Washing Machine Repairs.

Complicated breakdowns

  • If your washing machine won't turn on, it's likely that its program module has failed. This can happen for the following reasons: power surges, overheating of the tube electric heater, mechanical damage.

Such breakdowns of washing machines are the most difficult in terms of repair. The causes of failure may be many: water got on the tracks of the board or on the contacts of connectors, causing a short circuit, one of the trials that control the motor, heating elements, pump, or other mechanisms of the machine is broken.

One of the chips of the reprogrammable memory device is broken, which includes programs written into the washer. Specialists Washing Machine Repair in Temecula, CA will perform a diagnosis of this problem.

  • The next possible problem is a breakdown of the water sensor, which controls the heating temperature based on the selected washing mode. If the water in the drum is icy with any wash, it is the water sensor that is broken.
  • Sometimes the drum drive belt tears. Advice: to avoid this, you should not constantly overload the washing machine with laundry. It is better to do the laundry one more time than to drive the machine to such a serious breakdown. Temecula Washing Machine Repair will diagnose and fix the problem at the owner's place.
  • The washing machine won't turn on 

This breakdown is one of the most common. The washer is plugged in, but when you press the power button or any other button, it won't start (and the machine's lights may or may not come on). Washing Machine Repair in Temecula, CA will fix this problem.

Thus, in the case of "complicated" breakdowns, you should not try to perform washing machine repair yourself. It is better to entrust the solution of problems to specialists in the conditions of Home Appliance Repair Center. Who will perform everything qualitatively and the first time. In addition, the technicians at Temecula Washing Machine Repair and Service usually provide a warranty on their work and the installed parts. So, you can be sure of the results of the work.

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