Wine Cooler Repair in Cardiff

Wine Cooler Repair in Cardiff

A wine cooler is a special place that is dedicated to storing wines of all different brands and varieties. It is a special piece of equipment where a unique climate, humidity and temperature are set - a kind of high-end technology. But sooner or later, even the highest quality appliances have a tendency to break down. Since 2001 Home Appliance Service Center makes quality repairs of appliances of different classes and levels of complexity. Our craftsmen specializing in Wine Cooler Repair in Cardiff, CA are ready to come to your rescue and bring your appliances back to life.

The main causes of wine cooler breakdowns

  • Improper operation - the equipment itself should stand on a level surface, away from the wall and heat sources, and should not be used at low/high outside temperatures;
  • Electrical surges - modern appliances are sensitive to these and can burn out;
  • Natural aging and wear and tear of the components - it does not matter how new or of high quality - it is the intensity of the load that counts.

Our craftsmen specializing in Cardiff Wine Cooler Repair recommend periodic maintenance and diagnostic checks of wine coolers. This will enable problems to be detected in good time, thus preventing more serious breakdowns.

The most common faults

Control module breakdown

The correct operation of the entire wine coolers depends on it, and due to power surges, it can burn out. To prevent the module from breaking, simply install a stabilizer. 

A faulty control module will be indicated by:

  • The electronic display goes out when there is current in the mains;
  • The correct temperature set during adjustment and operation is not being set;
  • An error code appears on the display.

In some cases, it is sufficient to re-flash the control module, but if it is seriously damaged, it must be replaced. In this case, you can't do without Wine Cooler Repair in Cardiff, CA.

Broken temperature sensor

In this case, the temperature in the cupboard will not hold the set temperature - a broken sensor may send wrong temperature data to the control board. In reality, however, it will comply with the set points. The only way to solve the problem is to replace the broken sensor. For a Cardiff Wine Cooler Repairs technician, it won't be hard to figure out what the cause is.

Broken humidity sensor

A malfunction is indicated by fogging of the sight-glass, as well as an increase in the humidity level in the chambers. It may also be caused by a power cut, or moving the unit, as the sensor is sensitive to any vibrations. In this case the sensor is simply replaced as soon as possible to prevent the product from being damaged. You can't do without calling Wine Cooler Repair in Cardiff, CA.

Improper sealing of the chamber

Due to a leaking chamber - the electronic display will show an error message on the electronic board indicating a compressor malfunction. In order to restore tightness, simply replace the rubber seal on the chamber door. Just call a Cardiff Wine Cooler Repair technician and your breakdown is fixed.

Fuse breakage

When switching on the refrigerator in a network the screen glows and there is no characteristic noise of working equipment, at first they check voltage level in a network. If all is all right with a voltage in a network, it is a blown fuse that is the trouble.

It is important to remember that you cannot replace the fuse yourself. This work requires special knowledge and parts, tools and original spare parts.

Damaged door glass

Many wine coolers models utilize glass doors, but the glass is not simply glass, but tempered glass which is highly durable and robust. Damage to this glass will affect the temperature and humidity inside the compartment.

In this situation, the glass is simply replaced by a new one, with careful adjustment of the door panel to prevent even the slightest warping of the door.

It is not a good idea to carry out repairs on your own as, without the specifics of repairing the equipment, you can only make the situation worse and lead to a more serious breakdown, up to and including the purchase of new appliances. The Wine Cooler Repair in Cardiff, CA technician will handle this breakdown in no time.

Home Appliance Service Center has been taking care of all your appliance repair and maintenance needs for years. And our experts at Cardiff Wine Cooler Repair and Service regularly perform thorough diagnostics and repairs on appliances of various brands. Call us, we'll reduce your risks!

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