Wine Cooler Repair in Fallbrook

Wine Cooler Repair in Fallbrook

Home Appliance Service Center has been providing quality Wine Cooler Repair in Fallbrook, CA for more than 20 years, leaving thousands of satisfied customers. After all, ensuring proper storage conditions is considered the main task of special equipment - we are talking about wine coolers (refrigerators), which have special technical features and capabilities.

Wine coolers: what are they like?

The wine cooler came on the market at the end of the last century. And although its design and technical specifications have evolved considerably since then, the trivial care of the wine cooler is always an issue. 

Care and Fallbrook Wine Cooler Repair

Cleaning the wine cooler

  • Disconnect the wine cooler and remove all items including shelves.
  • Wash the interior surfaces with warm water and baking soda solution. The solution should be approximately 2 tablespoons of baking soda per liter of water.
  • Wash the shelves with a mild detergent.
  • Squeeze out excess water with a sponge or cloth when cleaning the control area or any electrical parts.
  • Wash the outside of the wine cooler with warm water and mild liquid detergent. Rinse well and wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.


Failure to unplug the wine cooler can result in electric shock or injury. If you can't fix it yourself or figure out what's causing the problem, call Wine Cooler Repair in Fallbrook, CA.

Power failure

Most power failures are resolved within a few hours and should not affect the temperature of your appliance as long as you minimize the number of times the door is opened. If the power supply is cut off for a longer period of time, you need to take appropriate measures to protect your contents.

Moving the wine cooler

  • Remove all bottles.
  • Secure any loose items (shelves) inside the unit.
  • Tape the door.
  • Protect the outside of the appliance with a blanket or similar object.
  • Energy-saving tips
  • Place the wine cooler in the coolest part of the room, away from appliances that produce heat and out of direct sunlight.
  •  A characteristic feature of thermoelectric appliances is the time required to recover from frequent door opening and closing. It may be necessary to wait for the temperature to return to its previous level if the door has been open too long. This is normal for this type of unit.

The only way out here is to call Fallbrook Wine Cooler Repairs.

Problems with your wine cooler?

You can easily solve many common wine chiller problems, saving you the cost of a possible call to a service center. Try the suggestions below to see if you can solve the problem before calling a service center.

Troubleshooting guide 

The wine cooler does not work

  • Cause- Not connected. 
  • Circuit breaker tripped or fuse blown

The wine cooler is not cold enough

  • Cause-Check the temperature control setting. 
  • A higher setting may be required for the outside environment.
  • Door opens too often. 
  • The door is not fully closed. 
  • The door gasket does not close properly. The wine cooler does not have the necessary clearances.

Vista Wine Cooler Repair in Fallbrook, CA will solve the problem in no time.

The light does not work

  • The cause is a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. 
  • The light switch is off.
  •  If the fuse blows, have the Fallbrook Wine Cooler Repair by a workshop


  • Cause- Check that the wine cooler is aligned.

Door will not close properly

  • Cause- The wine cooler is not aligned.
  • The door has not been installed properly. 
  • The gasket is dirty.
  • The shelves are not in place.

Instructions and advice 

  • Read all instructions before using the wine cooler.
  • Child entrapment and strangulation are not problems of the past. Deteriorated or abandoned appliances are still dangerous even if they will "just sit in the garage for a few days".
  • Before you throw away your old wine cooler: remove the door. Leave the shelves in place to make it difficult for children to climb inside.
  • Never allow children to operate, play with or crawl inside the appliance.
  • Never clean any parts of the appliance with flammable liquids.
  • Fumes can cause a fire or explosion.
  • Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors or liquids near this or any other appliance. Fumes can cause fire or explosion.
  • Do not repair or replace any parts of the wine cooler or attempt any maintenance unless specifically recommended in the service instructions or published repair instructions.
  • Replace the fuse with a fuse of the same type.

Call a Wine Cooler Repair in Fallbrook, CA technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace any parts that have failed.

Be sure to contact the Home Appliance Service Center, we will provide you with Fallbrook Wine Cooler Repair and Service at a very competitive price. To contact us, fill out the formula on our website or call our hotline.

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