Wine Cooler Repair in Ocean Beach

Wine Cooler Repair in Ocean Beach

Wine coolers are specially designed for storing and ripening wines under different temperature and humidity conditions. This equipment enjoys well-deserved popularity due to its high reliability and balanced characteristics. But these appliances can also break down. The Home Appliance Service Center is your trusted source for all classes and levels of appliance repair and service. Our licensed technicians at Wine Cooler Repair in Ocean Beach, CA can fix any breakdown, no matter how complicated.

Features of Wine Coolers

Wine coolers have a slightly different design and operating features:

  • Constant circulating air ventilation is maintained by a resourced fan;
  • The case is particularly resistant to vibration of the compressor motor, so the normal noise level is unusually low, which is hard to discern by ear;
  • Installation on an uneven surface significantly reduces the service life;
  • Electronics are sensitive to sudden voltage fluctuations, which often occur in suburban power grids.

Breakdowns of wine coolers

Wine coolers belong to the category of high-end equipment with a long service life. But it is a technique consisting of many components controlled by an electronic processor. Sooner or later, something will fail. Wine coolers are the most sensitive to the violation of temperature conditions, on which the preservation of the product depends.

  • The wine cooler won't turn on 

But the backlight may turn on. Most often the reason is the failure of the emergency thermostat. This is one of the main electronic control units, which must be replaced according to the results of diagnostics. Ocean Beach Wine Cooler Repair master will quickly cope with this task.

  • The desired temperature is not maintained 

It is possible that the capillary system is clogged. There may be several reasons for this, up to corrosion or errors in the standard exchange of coolant. A Wine Cooler Repair in Ocean Beach, CA technician will have no trouble pinpointing the exact cause of the breakdown and the steps to fix it.

  • Temperature sensor failure

Make sure that the number of bottles in the cooler and the ambient temperature are within the limits specified by the manufacturer and call a technician. On-site diagnostics will identify the problem, and a technician will fix it.

  • Noise or vibration has appeared 

It is possible that the problem arose due to unprofessional installation of the wine cooler. The manufacturer fights vibration in every possible way and suspends the motor-compressor on silent blocks, increasing the space between the inner chamber and the outer casing, which is filled with special foam. All efforts are negated if the unit stands on an uneven floor. Call the master Ocean Beach Wine Cooler Repairs will find out the reason, tighten everything that "loses" and replace the parts that are out of order.

  • The compressor won't shut off 

During the set temperature period, the compressor motor runs at peak load, if the set mode is not reached, the compressor is loaded all the time. The wine cooler, usually quiet, starts humming and the temperature does not go down. This usually indicates a refrigerant leak, which only a technician can fix without losing the quality of the equipment. A Wine Cooler Repair in Ocean Beach, CA technician will be able to accurately determine the breakdown.

  • The compressor shuts down immediately after being turned on 

The most likely cause is the failure of the compressor motor. It happens very rarely, but can be a consequence of improper operation, for example, constant overloads. But it is not excluded that the onboard electronics are out of order. The master will come and sort everything out. Ocean Beach Wine Cooler Repair is happy to provide you with a variety of services.

Diagnosis and repair of wine coolers

Since the main components of wine coolers are extremely reliable, there may be an impression that the most frequent breakdown of a wine cooler is a freon leak in the foamed area of the unit. This opinion is erroneous and imposed on users, as fixing this type of malfunction is the most expensive repair operation.

Contact our service center, only in this case you will get:

  • Instrumental and instrumental diagnostics of the equipment;
  • Certified spare parts to replace defective parts;
  • Repair and maintenance in strict accordance with the standards and recommendations of the manufacturer itself;
  • Manufacturer's warranty for parts and ours for the quality of the repair.

If you can't fix it yourself and figure out what's causing the problem, you'd better call Wine Cooler Repair in Ocean Beach, CA.

When a wine cooler malfunctions, do not listen to the advice of friends, do not look for craftsmen with dubious experience and skills. Home Appliance Service Center is a company that has been professionally repairing home and commercial appliances for 20 years. All you have to do is call Ocean Beach Wine Cooler Repair and Service and in no time, your appliances will be back in working order.

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