3 Most Common Electrolux Dryer Problems

Worried about problems with your Electrolux dryer? Is your dryer showing an error on the display? In our article you will find the answer to what to do in such situations. We will describe the main problems of the machine, as well as options for solving them. Modern household appliances are controlled by electronics, so when a failure occurs, a fault code is displayed on the scoreboard. Deciphering symbols for different brands are given below, they will help to find and fix the breakdown.

  • E20, EF0

The water doesn’t drain.

How to fix:

The drain pump should be checked and repaired if necessary. The drain hose may also be clogged (it must be cleaned).


  • E40

The hatch door is not tightly closed.

How to fix:

You can try to press the door tightly to make a click sound. If that doesn’t help, check the locking elements. If necessary, replace them.


  • E90

The electronics are out of order.

How to fix:

Sometimes unplugging the machine and plugging it in again can help. If the error code remains, it is necessary to contact the service center.


It is possible to fix almost any problem, but it is much better to avoid any problems at all. To ensure that your dryer lasts long and steadily, you can follow a few recommendations:


Do not overload the drum. Carefully study the characteristics of the purchased model and the instructions to it. There will be sure to indicate the loading limits for different types of fabrics. Follow these guidelines so as not to overload the drum and wear out the motor, drive belt and auxiliary parts too quickly.


Do not load laundry that is too wet inside the dryer. The machine may overwork and overheat trying to dry very wet clothes. In that case, you’re bound to encounter all kinds of breakdowns, from wear and tear on the rollers to motor burnout.


Dry your clothes according to the prescribed programs. Here you need a competent and careful approach to the use of technology. Do not try to dry cotton and jeans on the same mode. Usually there are different options for such fabrics. Lumping everything together, you’re overloading the appliance and confusing the electronics. It’s better to spend more time, but keep the dryer functioning and the quality of the items themselves.


Don’t forget about maintenance. Clean the condensate tank regularly, check the drain and drain lines for cleanliness, and periodically flush the filter.


If your Electrolux dryer shows another error message, don’t hesitate to call San Diego Appliance Repair Company. We have you, and your best interest, at heart. We guarantee exceptional customer service and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Whatever your problem – we have your solution.


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