Check The Appliances Before You Buy That New House

Summer is the time when people typically move. If you are thinking about buying a new house, how can you be sure that the appliances that come with the house are in working order?

In most cases, before you purchase you have a home inspection done. But in some cases, the inspector may only inspect those appliances that are considered “installed” and may not include stand alone appliances. This is when it is important for you, as the buyer, to conduct your own inspection when it comes to the appliances that convey with the new home.


Dishwashers typically take the longest amount of time to check. Start the dishwasher immediately to give it time to run through a normal cycle.

You will want to make sure the dishwasher door opens properly, the gaskets are tight, and there is no visual rust. You will also want to make sure there is no telltale leaking and the heating element is working. If there is water standing inside the unit after the cycle, it may mean the pump isn’t working.


A refrigerator is expensive to replace so you want to be assured that the fridge is working properly before you buy the home.

You will want to make sure that the refrigerator is cooling properly and that there is no rust inside or outside the unit. You will also want to check that the gaskets are sealing properly and there is no buildup of frost in the freezer.


No matter if the stove is gas or electric, you will want to make sure it works prior to closing on the new home. A faulty gas stove can potentially be dangerous.

Check each burner to make sure they are properly functioning as well as the heating elements in the oven and broiler. Check that the seals close tightly.

Garbage Disposal

A disposal is not typically expensive to repair or replace but it is still something you want to make sure is operating properly.

Washer and Dryer

Checking the washer and dryer are equally important before you buy a home.

Run the washer through a short cycle on a hot setting. Make sure hoses don’t look cracked or broken. Check the dryer for a buildup of lint. This can be a fire hazard if the owner has continuously allowed lint to remain in the trap and it has built up inside the ventilation and interior of the dryer.

A Home Warranty

Although inspecting household appliances is a good idea prior to buying a home, you may be faced with replacing an appliance if it has come to the end of its functional lifespan. You may want to consider purchasing a home warranty policy to protect you in the case one of these appliance needs repair after your purchase.

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