How To Prolong The Life And Efficiency of Your Appliances With Good Maintenance Habits

Without a doubt, your household appliances are expensive. Appliance repairs often come at the worst possible time and emergency replacements don’t typically afford you much time to do your research and shop for the best pricing. That is why appliance repair experts in San Diego Area always suggest periodic maintenance of major household appliances in order to get the most lifespan from them as possible.

Most often, appliance malfunctions can be prevented with just some simple tasks that are easy for the average homeowner. With little to no investment other than time, you can care for your appliances and get the most from them while keeping repairs at a minimum. With regular maintenance and care, your appliances can have a long and healthy life. Here are some easy tips for keeping your appliances working at their optimum:


– Make sure to clean your condenser coils at least twice a year. The condenser coils are located behind or underneath the refrigerator. These can easily be cleaned with your long vacuum attachment or any long handled-brush.
– Change your refrigerator water filter every six months. This can prevent clogs in your icemaker and water dispenser due to mineral buildup.
– Check the rubber door gasket periodically for leaks, tears, or spots where it is not sealing properly. This gasket should always maintain a tight seal for maximum refrigeration and to prevent your refrigerator from over-working.

Clothes Washers

– Make sure your washer is level. A washer that rocks and rolls is more likely to develop wear and tear in the motor or around the tub.
– Check the washing machine hoses often. Wear and leakage could spell a flooding hazard. Replace any hoses that look worn.

Clothes Dryer

– Make sure to clean the lint screen every time you use your dryer.
– Keep the outside vent clear of lint or any other blockages. A buildup of lint or another other blockage prevents adequate airflow and can result in a fire.

Range and Oven

– Make sure your oven has a tight seal. Ovens without adequate seals can lose in excess of 20% of its heat.
– Clean the oven 2 to 4 times a year depending on need. A dirty oven is an inefficient one.
– Clean range hood and vent filters to maintain efficiency.
– Clean drip bowls to reduce fire hazards.
– Clean glass top ranges frequently to reduce scratching.

Appliance repair experts in San Diego Area often suggest maintenance contracts for their clients. Having your appliances inspected periodically can prolong their lifespan and often locate potential problems before they become emergencies. Call the San Diego Area appliance repair professionals at San Diego Appliance Repair Company to find out how regular maintenance can prolong the life and the efficiency of your appliances.

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