Installing your refrigerator with your own hands

Start with the inspection of the equipment after delivery. Print out the appliance, and check the integrity of the body, it may have been dented or scratched during transportation. Check the power cord and plug for damage. If you bought a No Frost refrigerator, do not plug it in right away. It must adjust to room temperature. It will take 6-12 hours to adjust. During transportation, the movers turn and tilt the unit. Therefore, it should take time for the oil in the compressor to drain into the designated area.


The refrigerator only needs to be set level. This applies both horizontally and vertically. Adjust the front legs so that the doors close tightly. The cabinet should tilt back 1.5 to 2 degrees. Fasten the mains cable to the condenser, and only then move the unit to the installation site. If this is not done, then the cord can be crushed. Ensure that the cable is connected freely to the power outlet. Flush the inside walls of all the chambers, and only then put food in.


Built-in refrigerators are installed according to a similar principle. However, the user needs to take into account the canopy of the front part during installation. A detailed scheme is specified in the instructions. The basic set of modern appliances includes all the necessary fasteners.


Insert the plug into the socket so that the refrigerator begins to work. Check the lights, and adjust the temperature. Some models are equipped with a display, and the adjustment of the main indicators of the device is carried out with its help.


Peculiarities of connecting refrigerators with an ice generator

Modern models are equipped with ice generators. This is a special mechanism that provides the creation of food or technical ice. Conventionally, such equipment can be divided into several categories:


– Professional – making ice for food;

– Brine – making ice blocks of a certain shape;

– household – generation of ice for adding to drinks;

– Compressor – ice is created with the help of an evaporator.


Refrigerators are also classified into two groups depending on the type of ice production:


– pouring – the user manually adds water to a special container;

– stationary – the refrigerator is connected directly to the water supply.


You can connect the device yourself. Connect the hose to the water supply, and then plug the main cable into the socket.


The subtleties of choosing a refrigerator: tips from the masters

Experts strongly recommend starting with the needs and budget. Based on the recommendations of masters, the following criteria for selecting appliances have been developed:


– Decide on the type of refrigerator. Side by Side is an option for a large and spacious kitchen, not a small apartment;

– Drip-freeze models are gradually becoming a thing of the past as they are by all accounts inferior to No Frost technology;

– Factor in the volume of your fridge. A small family of two would not need a 250-300 liter unit;

– Energy efficiency – the device operates 24 hours a day, so it is better to buy the most economical model marked A+++;

– Think carefully about what additional functions you really need. There is no point in overpaying for unnecessary options.


That’s all you need to know about installing and connecting your refrigerator.


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