Refrigerator gurgles when the door is closed

The refrigerator has a complex circuit and there are many different processes going on in its system. All of them are accompanied by sounds of different strength, so it is important to understand why the refrigerator Bosch gurgles, make other sounds and does not freeze even after closing the door.


This is how the cooling system of the refrigerator can work. Freon flowing through the pipes often makes similar noises. Some of the main causes of the noise include:


– The unit’s temperature control is broken and the refrigerator is difficult to freeze;

– Freon leaks and overflows make air residues;

– a large amount of ice has accumulated in the freezer and the fan blades get caught in it;

– the appliance has been switched off for a long time and now it is switched back on;

– the appliance has problems with compressor operation and cushioning rubber layers.


If the refrigerator gurgles when the door is closed, this phenomenon should not bother users much. When the door is opened, the motor stops functioning and the overflow disappears. The longer this position is maintained, the more heat enters the chamber. When the door is closed, freon actively circulates, and the temperature decreases.


In the case where users have gone away and turned off the refrigerator, the unit will make a gurgling sound for a few days when it is restarted. Over time, the refrigerator will subside and the operation of the unit will return to normal. If you hear not only a murmuring sound but also a grinding sound during the defrosting process in the refrigerator, it means that there is excess ice in the freezer. It collects as a result of the problematic operation of the evaporator, which is responsible for the defrosting process. And overflows are produced by the ventilation system. In this case, the sensor, fuse, or timer of the defrosting process could have malfunctioned. Also, the problem with the loosening of the door seal is not excluded. To solve these problems, the appliance is unplugged for defrosting. If the problem is not solved, the intervention of a master refrigerator repairman is required.


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