Routine To Follow During Regular Cleaning of Gas Grill

Please note that the following instructions are meant to serve as guidelines for anyone that takes the time to clean a family’s gas grill each time that it has been used. When carried out on a regular basis, such a procedure increases the length of the grill’s lifetime and ensures the safe nature of all grilling operations.

Recommended step-by-step procedure

Turn off access to the source of fuel, whether it is gas or propane.

Remove the burner covers, cooking racks and cooking grates. Soak each of them in soapy water. Scrub each of them with a scouring brush. Check for pits in the metal. If any one of those metal components has too many pits, you might want to replace it something that has been cast from iron and covered with enamel, or, alternatively, you might prefer to try a stainless steel component.

Scour the grill’s burners by using a wire brush or steel wool. Apply degreaser, so that you can remove any cooked-on bits of food. The combination of heat and grease allowed that food to get stuck on the metal surface.

Next turn your attention to the holes in each burner. Take the time to remove a clog in any of those same holes.

Scrape the inside of the grill’s hood. Repeat that process on the inner part of the grill, the region located below the grilling surface. Apply degreaser to both of the areas that you have just scraped, in order to guarantee removal of any stuck on food.

If you have the grill sitting on a cement surface move it onto a grass, gravel or sand surface, so that you do not stain the cement. Then rinse off the degreasing product. Use a garden hose or a high pressure hose. Put the burner covers, cooking racks and cooking grates back in their original positions. Check the buttons and knobs on your grill; made sure that each of them works properly.

Get ready to prepare another great meal, enjoying your ability to cook a great meal outdoors, where your family likes to eat, when the weather gets warm.

All the ways your family benefits from the time and effort that you put into cleaning the meat-grilling appliance

No remnants from a previous meal alter the taste of the freshly-grilled food. No part of the outdoor appliance stands in danger of giving in to corrosive forces. You can watch for the appearance of rust and take the proper precautions, if necessary. Additionally, you can get the grill professionally cleaned by appliance repair technicians in San Diego County.

Because you have removed any build-up of grease, you and your family do not have to worry about the safety of aspects of putting a match to an opening that is releasing gaseous fuel.

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