The microwave touch panel does not work, buttons do not press

Of all the possible causes, the most unpleasant one can be considered the one that causes the microwave panel not to work. It’s not that it is impossible to repair, just that the board with buttons or the touch panel is always a black box. It is not easy to determine the cause of the malfunction only by inspection – you have to check and test the device.

The main causes of panel failure
Any control unit, no matter if it is a microwave, a gas boiler, or a speaker, will function steadily only with the correct operation of the button. Typically, the touch panel on a microwave fails in the following cases:

1. The sensor is stuck, a dirty contact on the button. The panel may function but is unstable, presses are triggered intermittently.

2. Part of the buttons do not work because the conductive track is broken.

3. Damage to the keypad cable, which connects the keypad to the controller board.

4. The board is not working due to damage to the controller board.

The last case is more often the result of breakage on the board, blown fuse, or capacitor breakdown. Sometimes the reason why the panel stops working is a sudden surge in the mains voltage. Then a backlight or high-voltage fuse on the TVH can be added to the control panel.

But more often than not, the reason the touch buttons don’t respond is due to unreasonably heavy pressure.

The touchpads on budget mid-priced microwave models do not have full-fledged sensors like those on smartphones. In fact, it’s a membrane keypad in the form of a circuit board with applied current-carrying tracks and a soft plastic overlay membrane with buttons. On the back side, there is a metalized layer (sometimes a foil layer is glued on). If you press the button with a lot of force, the microwave panel will not work after a couple of months.

More expensive microwaves can have a full-fledged touch screen. It also needs to be pressed with a little force, about the same as on a smartphone. If such a panel does not work, the reason may be dirt on the glass or too cold (or even dry) fingers. The sensor is programmed for a specific hand temperature.

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