Tip On How To Drain A Clogged Water Heater?

The water heater has a big job and if it becomes clogged with debris, you may have a big problem. If the water can’t drain, the water valve is most likely what you need to look at first. A clogged valve is a common problem with hot water heaters. Here are a couple of ways that you can remedy this problem and have your water heater working in no time.

Use A Wire to Clear the Clog

If you see the debris after carefully inspecting your heater, you may be able to take a sturdy wire and remove it safely. While performing this task, you can have the water value turned on so that the water will flow out when the debris is removed. It’s important to note that if this happens, the water will most likely shoot out quickly so be ready. When this happens, it is best to close the valve to stop the water from shooting out.

You can prepare for the mess that will most likely occur, if you get the debris loosened by laying down towels and having a bucket ready to catch the water once it flows out. If you notice that the water stops draining after a period of time then the problem was most likely caused by lime deposits that have accumulated over the years.

Use a CO2 Drain Gun

Another idea to try is to use a CO2 drain gun. This gun can contain compressed air that can be blasted into the drain lines. First you will need to attach the gun to the drain lines. Be sure that the valves are open for this. When you are ready, press the trigger and send the air to the lines. This will most likely free the lines with enough pressure added to it. Once it is free, the water flow will begin immediately.

Shut the drain valve off and attach a hose that will feed the water where you want it to go. Turn the drain valve on and the water will flush on out.If you notice that these methods do not help with the removal of water debris, you may need to consult an appliance repair professional in San Diego County to help you instead. In the end, you may need to replace your appliance but water heaters do tend to last a lot longer than other appliances. Thus, it is best to check with the professional and see if it is important to get a replacement soon. They would be able to suggest the best brand.

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