Tumble dryer or washing machine with a tumble dryer – which is better?

The concept of tumble drying is to treat clothes with hot air rather than foaming water. The clothes are blown around, and the moisture accumulates in a condensation tank or is discharged into the sewer. Dryers have fewer revolutions: this is necessary so that things do not wrinkle during drying. Their number depends on the device and its modes: dryers spin slowly in the delicate laundry mode.

Tumble dryers specialize exclusively in drying laundry. They can neither wash nor tumble dry. But a washer-dryer can do both.

The drum of a tumble dryer is twice as large as that of a washing machine. Such a substantial volume is needed so that things can be put into the wardrobe immediately, bypassing the ironing stage.

Capacious units can hold from 7 kg. In a laundry room with drying – from 5-6 kg. Therefore, it will process fewer clothes. And if you take 7 kg and above, there will be water overruns if you need to wash and clean a few clothes.

How does a washer-dryer work?

This device combines both a washer and a dryer. Its feature is the presence of two HEATERS. One is used to heat water, and the other is used for dry air. Working as a washing machine, it pours warm or hot water over the clothes and spins them in the drum according to the algorithm set by the program.

When the drying mode is switched on, an additional heating element starts working. It heats the air that enters the chamber and absorbs moisture, then condenses in a separate tank. However, not all 2-in-1 accessories have a drainage tank. In some models, water goes straight down the drain.

When washing, they accelerate to 1000-1300 revolutions per minute (depending on the model). When drying, these figures drop sharply to 100-200 revolutions. Such changes are due to a change in priorities. The dirt is washed away, but the moisture is still in the fibers. On a low spin, shirt dresses are dried and straightened.

The difference between a tumble dryer and a tumble dryer

First, let’s look at what a tumble dryer has. The size of the tumble dryer drum is from 7 to 15 kilograms. The cycle time of a tumble dryer is from 40 minutes to 3 to 4 hours in the case of down jackets and other clothes that take a long time to dry. After drying, the clothes look dry or slightly damp with minimal creases and softness. The tumble dryer uses hot air and steam.
If your tumble dryer has an unpleasant smell, you can use the fresh air function. The hot steam will carry away the fibers of the clothes and then they will smell for a while under the aroma filter. Very often, users wonder whether they need to connect to the sewerage system, but with dark condenser machines, they do not. It is enough to take out the bowl with the remaining condensate after each wash and pour it out.

Now it’s time to look at the parameters of a washing machine with an integrated drying function. The drum size of a washing machine with a tumble dryer is between 7 and 10 kilograms. In terms of cycle time, it does not differ much from a tumble dryer, as it also ranges from 30 minutes to 3-4 hours, depending on the type of clothes. In a washing machine with a tumble dry function, the clothes look more wrinkled after drying. A washing machine with a drying function works with water, hot air, and steam. Now let’s see if you need to connect to the sewerage system if you have a washing machine with a drying function. The answer is yes, or you need a hose that will be located directly in the sink.

We hope we have helped you decide which is better for you – a washer-dryer or just a tumble dryer.
Since there is no clear favorite, everyone chooses for themselves.

We also want to say that if you have already purchased a washing machine with a drying function or a tumble dryer and after a while, you notice that it does not work correctly. Do not worry and do not worry.

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