What are the differences between refrigerators?

Everyone knows that refrigerators of European standards are considered to be of the highest quality. What exactly are these standards?

First of all, it is their energy consumption class. The most economical are devices with class B or C.

Each refrigerator model has its own climate class. There can be 4 climatic classes: tropical, subtropical, typical, and subnormal. They differ from each other only by the temperature value at which the refrigerator can be operated. The designation of this class can be found on the sticker inside the chamber. The serial number of the mechanism, the type of refrigerant, and other indicators are written on the same sticker.

In addition, there are other useful properties of refrigerators, according to which they may differ.

1. Ice generator of the refrigerator. With this mechanism, you can produce ice in various forms. If you constantly use ice, then such a thing is simply irreplaceable for you. Ice can be obtained with just one button press without opening the door of the refrigeration unit.

2. The “clean water” system can provide the user with purified water cooled to a temperature of 8-2 degrees.

3. Trays for freezing fruit or dumplings.

4. Large-size drawers for food. Such details provide convenient use of the refrigerator and keep food fresh for a long time. Due to the fact that the drawers are not fully extended, you can not drop them.

5. Safety of the refrigeration system. Probably, all users would not mind that the refrigeration unit itself notifies them about the appearance of any breakdowns or errors. Therefore, some models of refrigerators have built-in lights or indicators that are responsible for the inability to perform the work of the device.

6. Bracket for bottles. This is an accessory that can significantly save space in your refrigerator. When buying a refrigerator, be sure to pay attention to the fact that all the necessary shelves, stands, and holders are installed on the door.

Thus, despite the fact that refrigerators perform the same function, they can differ significantly from each other.

What to do if your refrigerator does not work correctly?
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