What’s That Smell? Yes, It’s Your Front Load Washing Machine!

Your laundry room is dedicated to clean, right? But then what is that smell coming from your washing machine? It certainly doesn’t smell clean. In fact, most homeowners may be surprised by the things that are hiding inside their front load washing machines.

Cleaning Your Machine

Cleaning a washing machine may just seem illogical but consider the facts. Soap becomes trapped in places inside your washing machine. Over time, this soap residue, dirt, and oils that are trapped inside washer seals, dispensers, and gaskets become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Suddenly, your washer smells worse than the dirty clothes you place in it to get clean.

This is particularly true for front load washers. Although front loaders have tested superior and are gentler and far more efficient in energy and water usage than top load models, they also have some issues that top loaders don’t experience as often. Smelly bacteria is one of these.

More Efficiency – Less Water

Your more efficient front load washer uses far less water than a top load washer. This is due to the fact that clothing gets tumbled through water in a different way, eliminating the need to fill the tub with as much water.

Hiding Places for Soap Scum

The way that these washers are designed creates more places for dirt and soap to get trapped inside gaskets and dispensers. In addition, these types of washers require a detergent that is designed for high efficiency washers. Your normal detergent will not get properly rinsed from your clothing, not to mention your washer. When the drum becomes coated over time with excess soap scum and dirt, they combine with the heat and humidity of the washer environment. Welcome bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Remedies to Control Moisture

There are some ways you can remedy this smell emanating from your washer. The first one is to wipe down the inside of the door after each use. This rids the door area of standing water and grime. It’s also handy to leave the door slightly ajar to eliminate the buildup of moisture in that humid environment. Some new models have a latch that does this, yet keeps it safe from children and pets. You will also want to periodically clean the soap dispenser in your unit.

Don’t Overdo the Detergent

Always use the correct amount of detergent. More does not mean cleaner as the more detergent that gets trapped inside your clothing, the more water it takes to rinse this excess out. In many cases, it simply doesn’t get rinsed away.

Sanitize Your Washer

Every few months, it’s helpful to sanitize the inside of your machine by running an empty load with a cup of bleach through the bleach dispenser with a hot water setting. The bleach will disinfect the interior and help kill any mold and mildew trapped there. It’s also important to clean the inside rubber gaskets of your washer as these are an area where mold and mildew thrive. By periodically sanitizing your front load washer, you should no longer smell those nasty smells.

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