When Is The Best Time of Year To Buy Household Appliances?

It’s a new year and the Christmas buying frenzy has died down. You may be thinking this may be the perfect time to replace your worn out appliance with a new one. And you would be right! There are certain times of the year when buying new appliances is simply more cost-effective than other times of the year, depending on the appliance and the brand.

When you consider the constantly changing prices of appliances, it’s hard to keep track of where and when the “deals” are, but there are a few simple rules of thumb when it comes to purchasing new appliances at discounted prices.


Not only are the holidays over and people are busy paying down their credit cards but often stores are looking to move inventory in anticipation of the new models. Older models tend to see a larger discount as the new ones come to market.

September and October

And speaking of new models, September and October are typically when manufacturers unveil the new year’s models. During the last two months of the year, they are filling their showrooms with new models so September and October they are busy trying to move any existing inventory to have room for the new inventory…and offering pretty good discounts to do so.


The exception to the September and October rule, refrigerators tend to unveil their new models in the summer. This means deeper discounts for refrigerators in the springtime.

End of the Month

Many appliances are subject to quotas or sold on commission. The end of the month may see appliance stores offering discounts to move merchandise.

Holiday Weekends

Oh, those holiday sales! What would we do without them? But do your homework. Just because something is advertised as a sale doesn’t mean you are necessarily saving much money.


Great prices can be easily researched and found online. But beware of shipping costs!


If you are partial to a certain manufacturer, chances are that they will offer a rebate at certain times of the year. That being said, there are some manufacturers that simply don’t offer discounts or consistent rebates. These would be Jenn-Air, Thermador, Sub-Zero, and Wolf. Do your homework!

Warehouse Clearances

Many companies offer warehouse clearances at different times of the year in order to clear out floor models, outlet products, or discontinued models.

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