You have loaded the laundry, started the wash, and almost immediately discovered that the washing machine rotates the drum only in one direction. This problem is noticed only by very observant users, and not the first time. As a rule, the problem is accompanied by a motor error (error code is displayed on the screen), or the washing machine simply hangs on washing.

When it is possible to fix it by yourself

Unfortunately, the drum’s rotation in one direction signals a breakdown. But you try to disconnect the washing machine from the power supply, and then plug it back in. There may have been a one-time electronics failure, which when you “reset” the control board will go away.

Probable malfunctions that require repair

If the washing machine rotates the drum only on one side, then the malfunction should be looked for in the motor circuit. Here are what breakdowns are the cause of such machine behavior.

Reverse relay (in the electronic controller)
The most common cause of trouble. The motor relay on the circuit board is responsible for changing the direction of rotation of the washing machine drum, and if it is “stuck”, then the drum rotates only in one direction.

Motor triac and/or motor bundle (in the electronic controller)
The triac also controls the operation of the motor, and if it fails, it can cause the drum to rotate only one way.

Other elements on the board in the motor circuit
Other radio elements or tracks in the motor circuit on the control board can also fail.

Damaged wiring or contacts (from the motor to the control module)
It is often rotten motor connector on the board, from vibrations wires are rubbed out, burn out contacts in the motor circuit. In private houses, the damage to the wiring is caused by mice or rats.
As a result, there is bad contact, and the machine rotates the drum only in one direction.

Faulty and rotates the shaft only “clockwise” or “counterclockwise”.

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