Why Won’t My Kenmore Dryer Shut Off

Worried that your endlessly running Kenmore dryer is going to cause a problem?

See if the problem may just be a faulty part that can be easily replaced! Can’t find the problem or need a licensed technician to fix it? Let San Diego Appliances Repair team take care of your Kenmore appliance. Our team is open all week, evenings, weekends, and holidays and strive for simple hassle-free repair at your convenience.

Door Switch

The door switch is a safety feature in Kenmore dryers that prevents the drum from turning when the door is open. If the dryer continues to turn, the door switch might be faulty. The switch is usually found behind the front panel with the switch sticking into the door opening. You can test the functionality of the switch by first turning off and unplugging your machine. You can test the continuity of the switch through its terminals with a multimeter. Between the “No” and “C” terminals, there should be an infinite amount of Ohms from the multimeter when the door is open or when the button isn’t being pressed. If there isn’t, you will very likely need a replacement part from a reputable appliance service company.

Cycling Thermostat

Kenmore dryers that have an “auto dry cycle” will have a cycling thermostat that adjusts the timer and temperature inside the dryer. In other words, the thermostat will adjust the timer or heat source to get the desired temperature. During a cycle, check for power in the in the timer motor with a multimeter to check the thermostat. Caution should be used as this is a live voltage test.

Cool Down Thermostat

At the end of a cycle, some dryers use a cool-down thermostat to tumble the clothes without heat. The dryer will stop running after the drum has dropped to a specific temperature. The drum can end up running continuously or until the door is opened if the cool down thermostat isn’t working properly. Power is run through the thermostat to keep the drive motor running so you can check the thermostat for continuity using a multimeter. Be sure to only run this test without power from the dryer.


A defective timer motor or it’s circuits can also cause a Kenmore dryer to not shut off. If one of these parts aren’t working properly, the dryer motor, heat circuit, or timer motor may not be shut off at the right time resulting in the dryer running after the desired time. The contacts can be checked with a multimeter to identify any problems. If the timer is defective, it should be replaced. This test should only be done with the dryer unplugged.

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