GE Profile Freezer Repair

GE Profile Freezer Repair

The freezer is a unit that is in high demand in both the domestic and commercial spheres. It is necessary for long-term storage of products. If the freezer breaks down, many products will spoil without the right temperature control. Contact a dedicated Home Appliance Service Center service center and our craftsmen will fix any breakdown. To do this, you need to get a GE Profile Freezer Repair in San Diego County as soon as possible. 

Freezer repair should be performed as soon as a breakdown occurs. The prompt diagnostics and timely elimination of the problem will allow avoiding more serious consequences. The principle of the freezing chambers is similar to the usual refrigerating equipment. The difference lies in the temperature modes and scope of work. Inside the enclosure, it is mandatory to maintain a very low temperature on a constant basis. It is necessary for long-term storage of products.

Despite the constantly low temperature regime, a layer of ice should not form on the walls of the equipment. This can signal a breakdown, as well as extraneous sounds during the operation of the compressor. In order to identify and prevent breakdowns faster, routine maintenance of the equipment should be performed. The optimal frequency is once every six months to a year. A competent GE Profile Freezer Repair and Service technician will be able to recognize signs of future serious breakdowns. And a specialist will be able to perform the necessary work before the equipment is completely out of commission.

Consider the breakdowns that most often come to our service center

The freezer operates but does not freeze

There can be several reasons: leakage of freon, malfunction of the compressor, capillary tube clogging. Freon leakage is one of the most common breakdowns, it can also occur with improper operation of the equipment. If the evaporator is punctured during defrosting, the freon will come out in one minute. The freezer begins to run constantly, not turning off and at the same time it stops freezing. In this case, it is necessary to call a GE Profile Freezer Repair technician, as only he will be able to find the place of the freon leak and fix it.

The freezer does not turn on

The first thing to do is to check the integrity of the electrical system, the mains voltage, and whether the on/off button is working properly. More serious problem is the malfunction of the thermoregulatory or blown protection-start relay. But also the failure of the compressor or the control unit. A qualified GE Profile Freezer Repair and Service technician can determine and repair the problem.

The No Frost system does not work

Failure may be caused by freon leakage, fan malfunction, timer malfunction or control unit malfunction. If there is a defect in the heating element, the entire evaporator will be covered with frost and defrosting will not take place. Each malfunction has its own characteristics, which can be easily identified by a GE Profile Freezer Repair specialist. But any of them cause the freezer to stop working properly. 

Severely reduced temperature in the freezer compartment

Failure of the thermostat, temperature sensor. The freezer runs constantly and does not turn off, and thus the temperature drops below the set temperature, but the most dangerous thing is that this can lead to a breakdown of the compressor. And then you can't do without a GE Profile Freezer Repair and Services technician.

The compressor clicks or does not produce the right pressure

The failed compressor must be replaced with a new one. Replacing a faulty compressor is an overhaul and requires specific skills and tools. Compressor failure can be caused by a freon leak, a clogged capillary tube, a power surge, or an overload in its operation.

The freezer gurgles or makes strange, unfamiliar noises

It is common for freezers to make noises during operation. It is much worse if the freezer gurgles and does not freeze, gurgles after switching off, gurgles and knocks. These things should alert you and prompt you to call a GE Profile Freezer Repair technician for diagnosis.

The red alarm light comes on

It tells you that there is some kind of malfunction in the operation of the freezer. What exactly it can be: in the freezing chamber they put very much warm food; freon occurred a leak; the compressor broke down; No Frost system is defective; the door hinges of the door are broken; the door to the freezing chamber is not tightly attached because of the wear and tear of the sealing rubber. 

Home Appliance Service Center has been providing prompt, quality freezer repair with a quality guarantee for over 20 years. Don't ignore the first clues that your freezer is malfunctioning - call a GE Profile Freezer Repair and Service technician at home. 

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