Troubleshooting Electronic Water Level Sensor Issues in Washing Machines

Electronic water level sensors are integral components in modern washing machines, responsible for accurately measuring and regulating water levels throughout various wash cycles. When these sensors malfunction, it can lead to problems such as inadequate water levels, overfilling, or disrupted washing cycles. Understanding the issues associated with electronic water level sensors in washing machines is […]

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How to clean the drain hose of a washing machine

The twenty-first century has arrived. Engineers and designers have developed a large number of household appliances, without which no man can do today. Already familiar has become a washing machine – an automatic machine. A vacuum cleaner helps to clean the room and a dishwasher cleans the dishes. All it takes is a push of […]

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Fridge Compressor Runs Non Stop

A refrigerator is a common device, but quite complex and not insured against breakdowns. Some malfunctions are not immediately noticeable. For example, there are cases when the refrigerator does not turn off. The device produces the necessary amount of cold, the food does not spoil, but the motor runs continuously.   If your refrigerator does […]

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